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One of the nine Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3s is going up for sale this February

The first of its kind of go on sale in over a decade.
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Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 Top

Photos: RM Auctions

Considered one of the world’s most important pre-war Grand Prix cars, the Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 is going up for sale this February, the first time one of these models has gone up for public sale in over ten years. The one-seater, race-ready torpedo is also one of the most significant cars in Alfa history and saw a number of victories when it was raced by company and Scuderia Ferrari when Alfa succumbed to the consequences of the Great Depression. 

This later series model from 1934 is the second of nine cars to be produced and is one of the three IFS Dubonnet front axle and reversed-quarter-elliptic rear spring cars created. The car is said to be one of the best examples to exist on the planet and is thoroughly original and is rich with documentation.

€3,600,000–€4,600,000 (est. $3.8-$4.8 million dollars)

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