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9ELEVEN delivers a much-needed headlight upgrade to vintage 911s

A patented, all-in-one upgrade for your vintage Porsche.

For anyone who’s had the pleasure of driving a vintage car, you know that the nighttime can be a slightly precarious situation. Luckily for fans of the 911, of which we know there are a few, an LED solution has been presented that bests the efforts of most modern cars. 

Designed and made in the USA, the 9ELEVEN team has crafted the only patented option on the market with a plug and play unit that directly replaces the antiquated lights with their Raven series headlights. 

Available for 1965-1994 models, the headlights feature DOT/ECE-approved Bi LED optics with H4-style lenses that have undergone a double coating process for clarity, scratch-resistance, and durability. The headlights also come in an "S" model that features daytime running lights and turn signals. 

From $1,995,

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