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2020 Ford GT

Ford is squeezing out even more performance out of the Ford GT with a new 2020 model that gets an additional 13 horsepower for a total of 660 hp and an array of mechanical upgrades to make this their best supercar yet. The updated EcoBoost engine features a wider torque band, updates to its engine calibration, gallery-cooled pistons, higher-energy ignition coils, standard Akrapovič titanium exhausts, and new buttress air ducts and larger intercoolers to enhance engine cooling and airflow. 

Two new appearance options will also be available: a Liquid Carbon option that exposes the car's carbon fiber body and finishes it with a special clearcoat. Carbon Fiber wheels will also be included as standard equipment in this package. Ford is also updating its Gulf Racing Heritage Livery with a black pinstripe that divides the signature orange and blue, a detail lifted from the 1968 and 1969 Le Mans GT40. A "6" in carbon fiber will also be available, referencing the number on the Le Mans-winning car.

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