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Mercedes-Maybach updates the Pullman with a new face and some new toys

A limousine built for a king.
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Mercedes-Benz Maybach Pullman

It's the longest and mightiest sedan in the Mercedes lineup and the most extravagant, we're talking about the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, an opulent limousine filled with first-class seating and heaps of tech. At 21-feet long, passengers will have tons of legroom to rest or run the world in reclining, quilted leather seat, where you can now view what's going on in the front of the car via built-in camera. 

The exterior also gets some new updates that include an all-new grille with vertical vanes inspired by a pinstripe suit and new paint finishes that include two-tone options. Of course, Mercedes packed it with plenty of power with a V-12 twin-turbo that produces 630-hp and massive amounts of torque. 

From €500,000 (approx. $615,000),

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