2015 Mercedes CLS



Merc's curvy four-door coupe gets a brand new face for 2015 and a whole host of new gadgets including what's sure to be the car's killer app, an all-new innovative LED-based headlight system.

The CLS's MUlTIBEAM 24-LED system is a headlamp that takes the latest and greatest lighting technologies with the ability to adjust it to any traffic situation brightly illuminating what should be illuminated without blinding other drivers. The headlamp also features a multifunction optical fiber that acts as a daytime running lamp, turn signal, and a welcome light that illuminates with a blue hue when the car is opened. The car will also sport a 9 speed transmission with hydrodynamic torque converter and a variety of engine options will be available including a range-topping CLS63 that produces 585 hp.



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