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2011 Porsche Cayenne

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While its easy to play the role of the purist and complain about any Porsche that's not a 911, the Cayenne has done quite a lot for the fans being that its the company's best selling car and gives R&D more money to improve upon the 911 program. That said, Porsche's got a new Cayenne and its leaner, more efficient, and a hell of a lot better looking. The two major highlights of the new Cayenne lineup are S Hybrid and Turbo models. The least mpg-friendly of the two will have a 4.8 liter biturbo 500 hp V8 whereas the S Hybrid while still powerful, utilizes a 3 liter supercharged V6 electric hybrid engine delivering a total of 333 horsepower and an impressive 34.4 mpg. Link

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