Leica Japan's lacquered M10 celebrates the 300th Anniversary of the Daimaru Department store

You've never seen an M body quite like this.
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Leica Japan

There's been a lot of limited edition Leica M bodies in the last few years, but this one definitely takes the cake as one of our favorites. The camera is a special edition from Leica Japan that celebrates the 300th (!) anniversary of the Daimaru Department store. To celebrate that incredible milestone, they've created an absolutely stunning limited edition that adorns the top plate in a multi-layer lacquer that is painted in Wajima, Japan. The set also includes a lacquered lens cap and a special edition box with four shutter releases representing the four seasons. 

The cameras will be released in a limited run of 50 pieces with each body is done by hand and is then delivered in 3-4 months.

$12,000 (est.), daimaru.co.jp.e.md.hp.transer.com

Source: Leica Rumors

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