Samsung's Bendable UN78S9B 4KTV


Can't decide on whether to go flat or curved for your new TV purchase? How about both? Yes, Samsung is a world's first: A commercial 4KTV that can from flat to curved on command. We're still on the fence on curved TV sets, but you've gotta admit that this is one hell of a party trick.

The TV will be available in Korea on August 1st and there is no word yet on whether or not the TV will see a release outside of Samsung's home territory. As for the screen it will be available in a 78-inch model and of course it will feature a full 4K resolution panel.


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Android TV


Google is setting its sights on the living room this year with the announcement of Android TV, its new set-top box platform. Just like its smartphone counterpart, Android TV is exactly that, but designed for a big screen experience.

Android TV is designed just like their Chromecast device and boasts the same "Google Cast" technology to allow you to stream movies and shows from your phone or tablet right to your TV. You can also use Google Voice to find a TV show or find movies and Youtube clips. They've also announced game compatibility so you'll be able to use Android TV just like a game console with a compatible gamepad. Google plans to release Android TV in a number of devices later this year.


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Vizio P-Series


4K televisions just became a bit more attainable. Vizio's new P-Series is bringing 4K televisions to the market for just $1,000. Yes, you will soon be able to purchase a 50" TV with 4K resolution for a grand all the way up to a 70-incher for a very very reasonable $2,600. As for features, the sets tout 64 Active LED Zones, a 120 fps High Velocity Mode, 24/48 fps for movies, 802.11ac WiFi, MIMO, and Vizio's suite of of Internet Apps.

Starting from $1000, Vizio

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Vizio Reference Series


If you thought Vizio was going to answer the Sonys and the Samsungs of the world simply with a reasonably-priced alternative to their 4K sets, you would be wrong...way wrong. They plan on hitting the market with a line of Ultra HD TV sets that are so good that they're calling it the Reference Series. Available in a 65" display and a Godzilla-sized 120" screen, the displays boast uncompressed, 10-bit color reproduction, Full-Array LED backlighting with 384 individual local dimming zones, an 800 nits LED backlight, integrated 5.1 sound bar, and viewing modes that let you watch content in 120 frames per second which is great for gaming and 24/48 fps for movies.


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LG Ultra HD Curved OLED TV


That bezel-less, curved, 4K OLED tv set you always dreamed of? Well, it's here and it comes in a monstrous 77 inch set. LG's Ultra HD Curved OLED TV should prove to be one of the richest and brightest screens out there with a curved, high resolution 3840 x 2160 pixel display that uses the company's own WRGB OLED technology. The set also features built-in 3D, H.264 and HEVC H.265 decoding at 30p or 60p, and the Tru-ULTRA HD Engine Pro which can upscale media to near-4K quality.


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Samsung KN55S9 Curved OLEDTV


Samsung answers LG's Curved TV with a model of their own, the KN55S9. Samsung's panel will hit showrooms just a hair under $9000 and will have an eye-burning OLED-backed screen, 3D capability, and 1080p resolution. $8999, Magnolia

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So we've got the bezel-less screens, and the ultra thin displays, what's next? What about a curved screen? LG has begun selling their curved screen technology in the USA and they've packed it with the most bleeding edge TV tech available. First up, the tv features a immersive and curved OLED screen that's rich with saturated colors, inky black levels, and a sharper, smoother picture than that of conventional LED screens. It also uses a body made of carbon fibre reinforced polymer to achieve an ultra-thin profile and also touts 3D capability and voice recognition technology. $15,000, LG

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Vizio 2013 M-Series


Vizio introduces ultra premium, thin bezel displays without the ultra premium prices for their next generation M-Series TVs. We're talking under $800 bucks for a fully featured 50'' 3DTV. The company's new sets feature 10 Million to 1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 240Hz refresh rate (on the Theater 3D models), a 2mm bezel, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, and all your favorite online services integrated with the latest version of their Internet Apps suite. The TVs will be available in 32", 40", and 47'' sizes in the standard model and 50" all the way to 80" in their Theater 3D model. Vizio

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Philips DesignLine TV


We've all seen the big players show off their flagship TV designs this year, but Philips new DesignLine TV definitely takes the cake. Their new DesignLine TV is a stunning panel of glass in 46 or 55 inches with Ambilight backlighting that adds even more dimension to the panel as well as all the fancy new LED, 3D, smart television bells and whistles. No word yet on whether or not this will reach America, for now only a UK launch for June has been announced. Philips

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Samsung 2013 TVs


Samsung unveils their latest line of TVs and with it sleek new designs that aren't just TVs, these things are now high end furniture. New this year is the S9 (top) with its Ultra HD4K display, unique floating screen design, F6800 (left), and their new premium plasma, the F8500 (right). Samsung

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