Acquire Approved | The Mophie Space Pack


There's been one item that has quickly become a favorite here at Acquire and if you're like us and the iPhone is at the center of your universe, you already know how quickly you can run out of storage and power. Mophie has solved both of those issues with what's bound to be their most popular product to date, the Space Pack.

We've been playing with one for a couple of weeks now and it has definitely become an essential piece of gear when on the road. The accessory gives you a full 100% backup charge and 16GB ($150) or 32GBs ($180) of additional storage, two very important things we're certain every iPhone user can't get enough of. Check out a video of how the Space Pack works after the jump.



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Samsung Gear Fit


Samsung's submits its answer to the fitness band craze with their new Gear Fit. The Fit has the industry's first wearable curved Super AMOLED screen and features a pedometer, exercise, and heart rate functionality as well as smartphone notifications (SMS, E-Mail, Calls) and has a battery life of up to 5 days.


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Native Union Jump


If you own a smartphone here's the next Kickstarter you probably want to throw some money at. Native Union's Jump is a charging cable that integrates an 800mAh battery in a small square block that also doubles as a cord wrap and neatly stores the USB and Lightning/micro-USB tips inside the charger.

$35, Kickstarter

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Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth


Griffin brings back one of the most popular accessories for the Mac and finally makes it wireless with the PowerMate Bluetooth. Sleeker and simpler than its predecessor, the new PowerMate uses Bluetooth 4.0 and can be used with to control any Mac App from changing the volume on iTunes, scrubbing video, or use it with your favorite image editing program.

$60, Griffin

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Mophie Powerstation XL


Mophie has got a new universal battery that is sure to become a permanent item in your gear bag, the Powerstation XL. The battery has a capacity of about 12,000mAh which should get you up to 8 full charges for your smartphone. It's also got two USB ports for charging, an LED battery capacity indicator, and a micro USB port for refueling your battery.

$129, Mophie

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Magpul Field Cases for the iPad mini & Samsung Galaxy


Popular for its low price and durability, Magpul introduces its Field Case for the iPad mini ($27) and Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 ($17). Made int the USA, the cases are made from a heavy duty thermoplastic, a material that's used in their tactical accessories and a PMAG style grip keeps your prized device from slipping out of your hand.


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Coin might just be the coolest thing to happen to your wallet since the invention of the credit card. Basically, Coin is your credit card on steroids, it has the ability to hold all your cards (including gift and loyalty cards) and lets you use them all on one single card. This is done by attaching a card reader to your smartphone, taking a photo of your card, and it's immediately available on your Coin card. Multiple cards are accessed simply by pressing a button on the card and Coin tells you which card you're using on the card's display and if you happen to leave your card behind, it uses Bluetooth to notify your phone if your card isn't in your wallet. You can pre-order a card today for $55 and once it hits production next summer the cards will cost $100. Check out Coin in action in the video after the jump.



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Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus


Wacom has got the ultimate stylus for your iPad, the Creative Stylus is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device that features 2,048 levels of pressure giving you the next best thing to pen and paper on your tablet. And it also has "palm rejection" so the only thing making marks on your screen is your stylus. Battery life is rated at about 150 hours per battery and it's compatible with many of the popular drawing apps available on the App Store.

$99, October, Wacom

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Acquire Approved | The Boombotix REX


There are a ton of wireless speakers on the market these days and we've tried our fair share of speakers, but one little box caught us by surprise recently and its quickly become a favorite here at Acquire. We're talking about the Boombotix REX, an impressive piece of hardware from a talented crew in San Francisco's Mission District who wanted to engineer a wireless speaker that not only could outperform the Jamboxes of the world, but deliver big, booming sound while on the go.


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That incredible gesture control you saw in Minority Report? Its here. MYO is an armband that lets you wirelessly control any compatible digital device whether it be controlling a game or navigating your iTunes library with just a wave of your hand. It accomplishes this by sensing muscle activity and motion in 3D Space with accuracy right down to the movement of each individual finger. Now if they could only perfect holographic projection. $149, Myo

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