Is this the only credit card you'll ever need? We've heard that question before with products like the Coin card, but if Plastc can reach its target release date next summer without any major issues, this will surely be the one to beat, that is if Apple Pay hasn't taken over the world by then.

Plastc is a true all-in-one card. It features a traditional mag stripe, EMV chip, Contactless technology, and can even display barcodes. This is all done on a card that features a touch-enabled e-ink screen which displays relevant information such as credit card numbers and can also be used to unlock your card with a secure pin. It also has Bluetooth built in for proximity alerts and you can even remotely wipe your card if its lost or stolen. Plastc can store up to 20 cards and has a rechargeable battery that lasts 30 days and can be recharged on a wireless charging dock.

$155, Plastc

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Drobo Mini


If you're a creative that puts in a lot of miles on the road, you probably need all the hard disk storage you can get. Drobo shrinks its popular storage array into their new Drobo Mini. It's got everything that its bigger siblings have, but in a smaller package and it does it without compromising speed.

It has four drive bays for speed SSD storage or 2.5" SATA hard drives. Connectivity is also just as fast with inputs for USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt. The Mini can be configured with up to 6TBs of storage and it has power fail protection with battery backup to give you peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

$499-$2,999, Drobo

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Slingbox M1


Sling Media makes it even easier to access your favorite shows and sporting events no matter where you are on the planet with their newly announced Slingbox M1.

The new M1 plugs right into your setup and has built-in dual-band WiFi to let you control your shows whether live or recorded from anywhere in the world in full high-definition. You can also setup the M1 right from an iOS or Android phone/tablet and you can watch on a second screen with an Apple TV or a Roku box. Even better is that there's no monthly fees and this Sling box is their most affordable yet at just $150.


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Just Mobile AluPen Digital


If you've ever used a stylus on your tablet you know how annoying and unnatural those rubber tips are when you're writing or drawing on a glass screen. Just Mobile's new AluPen fixes that with an ultra-fine tip that feels just like a regular ol' ballpoint.

There's no Bluetooth pairing needed or any proprietary apps that the AluPen is locked down to. They've kept it extra simple so you can use it on any app with any capacitive tablet. The AluPen uses charge amplifying circuitry that is powered by a single AAA battery to keep things precise and allows the pen to use the ultrafine (and retractable) nib.

$50, Just Mobile

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Mophie Memory-Flex USB Cables


If you carry a battery pack on you to keep your smartphone charged you probably know how annoying it is dealing with a the mess of a cable in your pocket. Mophie's got a new cable to solve that problem that isn't just short, but flexible.

The Memory-Flex USB Cable is pefectly sized at 4 inches so you won't have a tangled mess and it's a size that's perfect for travel. What it also does is use a memory flex material that lets the cable bend and twist and holds its shape when adjusted. The cable's come with a lightning tip for iPhone and iPad users and a Micro USB tip for everything else.

$20, Mophie

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Unu Ultrapaks


There a million battery pack options to pick from to keep your precious smartphone ready and charged, but most have one problem: they take quite a bit of time to charge. Unu's new Ultrapak range will let you plug your battery in for just 15 minutes and collect enough energy to power your phone for the day. That's a faster charge than your phone can get through an outlet.

The battery packs come in 10,000 and 3,000mAh capacities and both batteries have an integrated screen that displays battery life and the remaining left for charging. The 3,000mAh has a single 2.1A port to quickly charge your phone or tablet and the 10,000mAh model has a 2.1A and 1.0A port for charging multiple devices.

$60-$100, Unu

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Logitech case [+]


Logitech is saying their new case [+] is the only case you'll ever need and they just might be right. What are they doing different than the 1000s of case makers out there? They've created a modular system of accessories that attach to the case using magnets. From battery cases to car docks, the set has you covered for just about any iPhone accessory you've ever wanted and needed.

$199, Logitech

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Acquire Approved | The Mophie Space Pack


There's been one item that has quickly become a favorite here at Acquire and if you're like us and the iPhone is at the center of your universe, you already know how quickly you can run out of storage and power. Mophie has solved both of those issues with what's bound to be their most popular product to date, the Space Pack.

We've been playing with one for a couple of weeks now and it has definitely become an essential piece of gear when on the road. The accessory gives you a full 100% backup charge and 16GB ($150) or 32GBs ($180) of additional storage, two very important things we're certain every iPhone user can't get enough of. Check out a video of how the Space Pack works after the jump.



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Samsung Gear Fit


Samsung's submits its answer to the fitness band craze with their new Gear Fit. The Fit has the industry's first wearable curved Super AMOLED screen and features a pedometer, exercise, and heart rate functionality as well as smartphone notifications (SMS, E-Mail, Calls) and has a battery life of up to 5 days.


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Native Union Jump


If you own a smartphone here's the next Kickstarter you probably want to throw some money at. Native Union's Jump is a charging cable that integrates an 800mAh battery in a small square block that also doubles as a cord wrap and neatly stores the USB and Lightning/micro-USB tips inside the charger.

$35, Kickstarter

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