The Return of Technics


One of the most important names in audio is making a big comeback next year and this time they're taking it back to their roots, focusing squarely on the hi-fi products that put the company on the map. Technics will relaunch with two lines: an ultra high-end reference audio line and a new premium line of audio products.

The R1 Series, Technics' flagship line will feature three products: a stereo amplifier with their JENO (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimisation) digital engine, a noise minimizing Network Audio Control Player, and their floorstanding SB-R1 speakers. Below the R1 Series is the C700 line which will also feature an amp, network audio player, speakers, and for those of you who still can't let go of their discs, they will also have a premium compact disc player.


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Sennheiser Urbanite


One of the biggest problems of most headphones that focuses their sound on the low-end is that you lose a bit of clarity and find that your sound becomes distorted and muddled. Sennheiser plans to change that with their new Urbanite, a bass-heavy headphone that keeps your sound quality in check without distortion.

Attention was also paid to the build quality of headphones with stainless steel hinges and an aluminum slider for a design that will hold up well over time. There's also a three button mic for controls and phone calls and the folding design keeps it compact for storage.

$199, Sennheiser

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Harman Kardon Omni


Harman Kardon takes on the Sonos crowd with their own wireless music system, the Omni. The system is designed to be used together or individually around your home and links to your Wi-Fi network and is capable of streaming audio in 24bit/96kHz quality.

The system can support up to 8 speakers and say you're walking to another room you can press the link button on the top of the speaker to immediately continue listening to your music or combine multiple speakers together for a surround sound system. The system is controlled via their app and music can be streamed from your library or your favorite streaming service.

Harman Kardon

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Sony MDR-1A


Sony's MDR-1A is a headphone designed for those of you racking up terabytes of uncompressed music libraries. The headphones use a 40mm HD driver to accurately reproduce your music and allows for a versatile and wide sound profile.

The drivers are capable of handling the low-end all the way up to 100kHz to get the most out of your high-res audio. It also has oxygen-free cabling to reduce crosstalk and silver-coated OFC cables help with separation and deeper lows.

$299, Sony

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Bose QC25


The Bose QC15 has been the gold standard when it comes to noise cancelling headphones and though the current model continues to sell like hotcakes, it's a headphone that hasn't been updated in five years. That all changes this month with the introduction of the QC25 which Bose claims to have the best noise cancelling they've ever put into a headphone.

The headphones ditch the flash of the older QC15s with a lower profile look and the fit is improved with a lightweight design and pivoting earcups. As for battery life, the headphones will last for up to 35 hours on a single AAA battery.

$299, Bose

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Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2


Bowers & Wilkins popular P5 gets a major upgrade with the new P5 Series 2 headphones. The headphones keeps the luxurious, understated design that has made it a big hit with customers and gets a few important tweaks and some upgraded audio hardware.

The noise-isolating headphones receives a performance upgrade with a brand new drive unit design with a suspended diaphragm which was tuned by the same team that worked on their high-end 800 series speakers. They've also updated the grille pattern on the ear cushions for better acoustics and improved ear cushions enhance damping and comfort.

$299, Bowers & Wilkins

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Roam Ropes


Created by the co-founder of Beats by Dre, Roam Ropes is a new headphone company that is designed to look as good when you have them in your ears and off. Their "Ropes" product has a design that can be worn like a necklace so you can have quick access to them when you want to listen to your music.

They've also created their own "Noise Equalization" technology with DSP to create accurate sound that can be adjusted with its own EQ app to custom tune the Ropes with a 5-band equalizer to tweak it to your personal audio preferences. Ropes are available for pre-order today and will ship in November.

$299, Roam

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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear


Sennheiser is growing their Momentum headphone line with a new in-ear style to complement their popular over-the-ear model. The hardware inside the headphones is a system of precision milled stainless steel that helps deliver that great sound we all expect from a pair of Sennheisers.

The headphones have an adjustable angle of 15 degrees for a customized fit and a tangle-free elliptical cable with an integrated three button remote that is compatible with both iOS, Samsung Galaxy phones, and other Android devices.


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Bowers & Wilkins CM S2 Series


Respected hi-fi experts Bowers & Wilkins add a bit more oomph to their well-regarded CM speaker collection with a comprehensive update to the entirety of the line with the new S2 series.

The award-winning speakers receive the latest in B&W technology including Decoupled Double Dome tweeters, refined styling, and brand new entry to the collection. The double dome tweeters feature an aluminum construction and architecture that helps to deliver clearer audio while also reducing distortion. On the design side the speakers have been cleaned up a bit with a more minimal design and new tweeter grilles optimize sound and protects the hardware. They've also added a new CM6 S2 model that has a 165nm bass/midrange driver and is the first in the line to be a standmount speaker wtih their signature tweeter on top technology.

$1100-4000 (September), Bowers & Wilkins

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Blue Mo-Fi Headphones


These may very well be the smartest pair of over the ear cans we've seen in a long time. Blue, known for their popular microphone line, launches Mo-Fi, a new Hi-Fi headphone with a unique fit system and built-in amps for the best sound possible.

The first thing you notice when you see these headphones is the unconventional headband architecture which swaps out the traditional one-size-fits-all idea for something a bit more clever. First up is the adjustable tension knob that allows you tighten and loosen the tension of the headband which is coupled with a multi-jointed construction that adjusts itself to fit most head shapes and sizes. You can also adjust the height of the cups and because of the customized fit you get the best seal possible which gives you better isolation and better sound quality. They also have three all-analog modes with a built-in amp for natural, high quality sound or switch it into the On+ mode for deeper bass.

$349, Mo-Fi

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