Ojas x Saturdays Speakers


Saturdays marks the one year anniversary of its store in Kobe, Japan with a series of limited edition products in collaboration with Ojas, started by Devon Turnbull, formerly of Nom de Guerre. The collection includes everything from leather desert boots to tees and our favorite, the massive, wooden Altec Lansing floorstanding speakers.

$12,000, Saturdays

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Linn Exakt Systems


Linn aims to give you the purest sound from your digital sources with their new Exakt hi-fi systems. The system puts the source right into the speaker, reducing any noise and distortion by keeping the signal digital for as long as possible keeping your lossless files, lossless and as accurate as possible.Exakt is available in their Klimax and Akurate systems and is compatible with virtually all your devices from game consoles to set-tops and more.


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Audeze x Barton Perreira


Barton Perreira and hi-fi audio specialist think a great pair of headphones and sunglasses go hand in hand and we could not agree more. The unique pairing is the brainchild of Barton Perreira President, Tim Cadiente, who quickly became a fan of Audeze headphones after experiencing them through his extensive photography work in the music industry. The set includes Audeze LCD-XC headphones, a matching pair of aviators, and an exclusive carrying case from London Bridge Trading company. The limited edition set is available exclusive at BP's Nashville and Aspen retail stores.

$3,499, Barton Perreira

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Bowers & Wilkins Sound System


Unhappy with the state of concert audio, Bowers & Wilkins hopes to fix this with their new "Sound System." The monstrous setup brings B&W's hi-fi sound to the stage and massively enhanced versions of their signature technology. Each stack contains low frequency enclosures containing 380mm Rohacell composite drivers, Flowport technology, FST Kevlar midrange drivers, and Nautilus tube-loaded high frequency drivers. The Bowers & Wilkins Sound System will make its debut at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain.

Bowers & Wilkins

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Master and Dynamic


New York's Master and Dynamic launches their new headphone range, a collection of over the head and in-ear cans that are both beautifully modern and beautifully retro. Launching with four models, two over the head and two in-ears, the headphones are carefully detailed and use premium materials such as leather, stainless steel, and aluminum. The flagship MH40 (above), features custom 45mm drivers, forged aluminum bodies, a dedicated mute button crafted in metal, and lambskin earpads.

$159-$399, Master & Dynamic

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Audio-Technica ATH-DWL700


Audio-Technica brings out their new set of wireless cans, the ATH-DWL700. The versatile headphones are great for games or movies and wirelessly operate up to 100 ft. The headphones also feature 40mm drivers, a 6-10 hour battery life, SRS Wow technology, and a frequency range of 15 ~ 24,000 Hz. The headphones are currently available in Japan and should be making its way stateside shortly.


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Nocs NS500


Nocs continues to refined and perfect their headphone design and their latest is one of their most beautiful yet. The NS500 features a CNC-machined, chamfered-cut, sand-blasted aluminum housing that surrounds a 8mm dynamic driver with a titanium coated diaphragm. It also has tangle-free kevlar cables, a three-button remote, and a MEMS microphone.

$80, Nocs

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HiFiMAN HE-560 Planar Dynamic Headphones


HiFiMAN releases an upgrade to its audiophile-caliber HE-500 with the new HE-560 Planar Dynamic Headphones. 30% lighter than the previous model, the cans feature genuine wooden ear cups, a new headband and beveled earcup design for comfort, and most importantly, updates to the headphone's Planar magnetic drivers to improve efficiency.

$899, AC Gears

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McIntosh MHA100


McIntosh finally announces its first dedicated headphone amp, the MHA100. Built for just about any headphone, the amp features their Autoformer tech which handles impedance ranges of 8-40, 40-150 and 150-600 ohms and a Headphone Crossfeed Director that takes high-quality aaudio files and images its sound like conventional speakers inside your headphones. It also includes digital inputs and 50-watt stereo speaker outputs.


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Audio-Technica ATH-CKR10


Audio-Technica's ATH-CKR10 is their latest flagship in-ear featuring high-strength titanium housing and what they're calling a world's first: Dual Phase Push Pull Drivers. These 13mm drivers have been specially engineered to move independently to better reproduce sound and reduce distortion.


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