Marshall The Monitor


A streamlined take on over the ear monitors, Marshall's The Monitor delivers extensive noise isolation while producing a wide range of sound and also has a Felt Treble Filter that can be attached for warmer sound or removed for crisper, brighter sound. Available this April. Marshall

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Urbanears Slussen


Urbanears expands upon their minimalist aesthetic and delivers a unique new accessory, the Slussen. Deemed the "most powerful after-party weapon known to man", the Slussen essentially brings the DJ experience to everyone. The $15 adapter plugs into one audio source and the other is for your headphones. Once you're all plugged in, you load up the upcoming Slussen iOS App (Feb 1st) which gives you a simplified, streamlined DJ kit that lets you mix tracks, crossfade, equalize tracks, and preview tracks through your headphones. Urbanears


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Schiit Magni Amp & Modi DAC


If you've ever been wondering what all those audiophiles have been going on about, it might be time you get your feet wet in the wallet swallowing world of headphone amps and DACS. Lucky for you (and your bank account) Schiit recently announced their reasonably priced Magni Amp ($99) that will drive any headphone you can throw at it with 1.2W into 32ohms and the Win/Mac-compatible Modi ($99) that produces sound up to 24/96 sampling rates from a very powerful 24-bit AKM4396 DAC. Combine the two and you'll have quite the audio setup for under just $200. Schiit

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Bassheads looking powerful lows in an in-ear monitor are going to want to check out JVC's latest headphone, the HA-FXZ200. The headphones have two 5.8mm drivers with carbon diaphragm carbon nanotubes for better sound reproduction and an 8.8mm "Stream Woofer" is dedicated to delivering powerful bass and midrange. $400, Aiko

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Audio-Technica ATH-CKS99BT


Want to go wireless, but don't want to compromise on sound quality? Audio-Technica aims to wirelessly deliver the best sound possible with their new Bluetooth earbuds. The headphones support high quality audio streaming through the apt-X codec and features a built-in amp that will help deliver deep and crisp sound through those big 13mm drivers. $345, Aiko

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Aedle VK-1


Previewed earlier in the year, Aedle debuts its first headphone, the VK-1. Handcrafted in Brittany, France, the VK-1 is launching this February in a limited run and features CNC-machined aircraft aluminum earcups, handsewn lambskin leather, 40mm titanium drivers, and detachable aramid fiber coated cables. $325-$360, Aedle


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Amadana Style-D Headphones


Japanese brand Amadana releases a stunning set of headphones, the Style-D from their new SAL "Style and Live" collection. The unique design is complemented by 30mm dynamic drivers and a built-in inline mic for all your phone calls. $190, Audiocubes

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Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD Earsuit


You better believe Audio-Technica didn't cut any corners for its latest top of the line headphones. The ATH-ESW11LTD Earsuit uses Japanese Ghost Walnut earcups which house a powerful set of 53mm drivers while plush lambskin earpads deliver that sound in luxury. $800, Audiocubes

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Nocs NS600 Crush


Built for bassheads who wanna swap out those oversized cans for something a little more portable, the NS600 Crush from Nocs produces big sound in a small package. The NS600s accomplish this with a dual tweeter+woofer dynamic driver that covers a wide range of sound. As for details the headphones have an aluminum housing with a sandblasted finish and kevlar cables keep your headphones untangled and sturdy. $150, Nocs

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AIAIAI x Carhartt Work In Progress


Carhartt's Work In Progress division releases an exclusive line of headphones with the design savvy Danes over at AIAIAI. Carhartt WIP takes AIAIAI's over the ear TMA-1 and in-ear Pipes headphones and injects a militaristic and industrial paint scheme that swathes the hardware in a flat grey while the cabling and components are accented in olive drab. Link


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