Phiaton Bridge MS500


Phiaton's announces their Bridge MS 500, a luxury headphone built from machined aluminum with earcups wrapped in perforated leather. The headphones feautre a dual chamber design for crisp, bass-y sound, big 40mm drivers that cover a wide frequency range of 15 hz to 22 khz, and a noise isolating earcup design for better sound immersion. $299, Phiaton

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Bose Quietcomfort 20


While Bose's noise cancelling headphones have proven to be a travel essential for many, they aren't exactly compact and easily packable. Bose finally addresses this with their first noise cancelling (and much more compact) in-ear headphones, the Quietcomfort 20. Available this summer, one of the headphones' big features is an "aware-mode" that trickles in environment noise when you need to pay attention to your surroundings. A slim remote holds the battery that gives you 16 hours of juice and the headphones can still be used without noise-cancelling when the battery runs out. $299, Bose

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a-JAYS Five


Sweden's JAYS releases a headphone for just about every flavor of smartphone (sorry, Blackberry) with their new a-JAYS Five. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones, the headphones have a low-profile design wrapped in aluminum and flexible thermoplastic rubber with tangle-free cording. The also have fully featured remotes designed specifically for each phone platform, MEMS technology for improved mic quality, and an included carrying case. $100, Jays of Sweden

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JVC Live Beat HA‐SZ2000


JVC's Live Beat HA-SZ2000 may look like another pair of bass-heavy headphones to take on Beats by Dre, but its much more than that. The headphones were designed from the ground up to deliver accurate sound whether you're listening to A$AP Rocky or tuning out to Vivaldi. It does this with a 55mm and 30mm driver to give you accurate sound reproduction with deep lows, clear mids, and crisp highs. JVC

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KEF Headphones


Hi-Fi specialists KEF releases their first line of headphones, the KEF M-Series. The M-Series comes in two models: An over the head version called the M500 ($300) that features 40mm drivers, aluminum construction, and "racetrack" earcups for a tight seal around your ears for better sound isolation. The other model is their M200 ($200) in-ear headphone that boasts a dual driver setup that pairs a 10mm and 5.5mm driver in an aluminum housing that's connected to a fully adjustable ear-hook for a perfect, secure fit around the ear. KEF

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B&O Play H Series Headphones


Its not everyday Bang & Olufsen releases a new pair of headphones, the last time the company released a new design was back in the year 2000. Today, they've unveiled not just one, but two new pairs of headphones for their B&O Play line. First up is the H6, their over the ear model which combines plush New Zealand-sourced cowhide leather and anodized aluminum and is tuned to produce clear mids and accurate lows with its 40mm drivers. The H3, the company's first in-ear model features 10.8mm drivers, a mini bassport, and a unibody designed milled from a single piece of aluminum. Available this May. Bang & Olufsen


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Onkyo ES-HF300


Believe it or not, audio manufacturer Onkyo has never released a line of headphones in its long history of building premium audio equipment. Launching this Spring, the ES-HF300 is their flagship headphone that features 40mm wide-range titanium drivers (10 Hz-27 kHz), dual bass chambers, aluminum driver housing, and detachable copper cables. $179, Onkyo

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Schiit Asgard 2


Apparently Asgard isn't just the home to the Norse gods, its also home to hifi audio nirvana. Schiit's Asgard 2 is their next generation headphone amp equipped with improved distortion reduction, switchable gain, preamp outputs, and enough power to properly open up those headphones to hear music they way it meant to be heard. $249, Schiit

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Meridian Explorer


Meridian brings its critically acclaimed hi-fi sound to the desktop with their new Explorer. The Explorer takes over your computer's sound card setup and upgrades it with a USB-powered Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) coupled with a headphone amplifier and then the hi-fi magic of their electrolytic capacitors go to work to bring you the high quality listening experience Meridian is known for. Meridian

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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro


Beyerdynamic delivers its answer to the so-called "premium" sound delivered by the growing chaos of co-branded celebrity headphones with their Custom One Pro. One thing you can already count on with Beyerdynamic, is that we're talking about well, Beyerdynamic. The company has been an audiophile favorite for many years and their latest headphone brings that expertise to what is now a rapidly evolving landscape. The Custom One Pro isn't only customizable in its design, but its audio profile can be adjusted via a "sound slider" that changes the sound based on your listening preferences or music choices. The headphones are powered by 16-Ohm drivers which have a frequency response of 5-30,000Hz and a variable noise reduction system keeps you immersed in your music without the need for battery-based noise cancellation. $249, Beyerdynamic

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