Leica T 701


The Leica that so many of you have been waiting for is finally here, the interchangeable, 16.5 megapixel APS-C sensor T 701. The Less is More attitude is in full effect here with a simplified design that takes the camera to its most bare essentials. Feature-wise the camera has a clean, button-less rear with a touchscreen display, built-in WiFi, HD Video capability, an aluminum body, and of course, an interchangeable lens mount.


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Lytro Illum


While Lytro's original Light Field Camera wasn't quite the gamechanger everyone hoped it would be, the company hopes to change that with its new higher-end Illum camera. The killer app of the camera remains the same with the ability to capture the whole image in focus and be able to manipulate that focus anyway you want. The Illum takes it one step further with a bigger 30-230mm f/2 lens, a brand new sensor, a 4" tilting display, and a new UI and camera software that's powered by Android.

$1,599, Lytro

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Fuji TCL-X100 Tele-Conversion Lens


There's a reason why Fuji fans love their X100 cameras, the company continues to improve upon the camera via firmware updates and now a new hardware upgrade, the TCL-X100 Tele-Conversion Lens. The lens multiplies the fixed focal length by 1.4x turning the 35mm equivalent lens to a 50mm equivalent. The all glass construction features four elements in four groups, Fujinon Super EBC coating and a black or silver case to match your camera.

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Lomography Russar+ Lens


Lomography has resurrected another great Russian lens, the 1958 RUSSAR MR-2. An impressive wide-angle, Lomography is bringing it back into their Art Lens collection with the new Russar+ which is compatible with the L39/M as well any mirrorless camera with an interchangeable mount.

$649 (July), Lomography

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Sony A7S


Sony's got a new version of its game-changing A7 series, the 4K-capable A7S. The A7S is a full-frame interchangeable just like the A7/A7R, but with a more video-friendly 12 Megapixel sensor that can shoot 4K video as well as APS-C in crop mode and a high-performance frame rate mode of 100-120 fps. The camera also features a 3.0" tilting display, OLED viewfinder, an ISO range of 50-409600.


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Olympus SH-1


Olympus's SH-1 is a point-and-shoot that packs quite a bit of firepower in it's diminutive size. The 16 Megapixel 1/2.3" sensor is matched with a f/3.0-6.9 24x optical zoom, five-axis image stabilization, 11 fps burst mode, built-in WiFi, 3" LCD, and 1080/60p video capability.

$399, Olympus

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Samsung NX mini


Samsung releases the slimmest and lightest interchangeable camera system on the market, the NX mini. The diminutive camera has a 20 megapixel sensor, 3.0" flip-up display, 6 fps continuous shooting, a blazing fast 1/16000 shutter speed, and three lens options: a 9mm f/3.5, 9-27mm f/3.5-5.6, and a low-light friendly 17mm f/1.8.


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Nikon 1 V3


Nikon's compact 1 interchangeable gets a big boost in the performance department with the new V3. The camera has an 18 MegapixelCX-format sensor, a Hybrid AF system with 171 contrast detect focus areas and the center 105 areas, and a rapid 20 fps continuous shooting rate with full autofocus. It also features a 1080/60p movie mode, 120 fps slow-motion video at 720p, built-in WiFi, and a tilting 3-inch touchscreen LCD.

$1,200, Nikon

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Nikon D4S


Nikon has got a new toy for you shooters who demand only the best and today they've pulled the curtains on their latest flagship, the D4S. As you would guess the "S" stands for speed and they've improved upon that with their EXSPEED 4 image processing engine, an enhanced autofocus system, 11 fps continuous shooting at full resolution, better battery life, and an incredible ISO range that can goes all the way up to 409,600.

$6,499, Amazon

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Sony a6000


Sony has unveiled the fastest autofocus camera in the industry, its new Alpha a6000 camera. The camera boasts a APS-C 24.3 Megapixel sensor and features a 179-point phase detection autofocus, ISO sensitivity up to 25600, OLED EVF, 3" tiling display, WiFi and NFC, and an 11 fps burst mode.

$650-$800, Amazon

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