LaCie Christofle Sphère


LaCie and Parisian silverware manufacturer Christofle release one of the finest pieces of external storage you've ever seen, Sphère. The Sphère is handcrafted and silvered in France and contains 1TB of storage, USB 3.0 connectivity, password protection via LaCie's software suite, and can operate via bus power without the need of a power adapter.

$490, LaCie

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Porsche Design USB Key


Porsche Design and LaCie releases the smallest addition to their sleek storage range with a new USB Key. Housed in steel and ultra slim at 4mm, the key comes in 16 or 32GB options and brings together good design and performance with a suite of LaCie software to secure your data and USB 3.0 for fast file transfers.

$29-$49, LaCie

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LaCie Blade Runner


Philippe Starck and LaCie have teamed up once again to create another show stopping hard drive design, the Blade Runner. Limited to 9,999 pieces, the aluminum "cage" doubles as heat sink to keep the drive from overheating and includes 4TBs of hard drive space and USB 3.0 connectivity. $300, LaCie

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LaCie RuggedKey


If you've had a handful of thumbdrives die on us like we have, its time to admit your accident-prone ways and upgrade to LaCie's new RuggedKey. The USB 3.0 RuggedKey ($40 - 16GB, $70 - 32GB) is surrounded in a removable housing that's not only drop resistant to 100m, but its also water, dust, heat, and cold-resistant. Link


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LaCie Rugged Mini


LaCie's ruggedized hard drive slims down for a new and pocketable "Mini" version (from $95) that maintains all of its shock, drop, and rain-resistant features in a smaller package. The new drive is available in 500GB or 1TB capacities and will be USB 3.0 compatible. Link

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LaCie x Porsche Design Hard Drives


LaCie is working once again with Porsche Design on an officially branded line of USB 3.0 hard drives which applies the firm's clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. Available in a desktop and mobile version ($105-$160), the drives are encased in a barrier of aluminum to keep your hard drive protected from damage and software from LaCie also adds a digital layer of protection. Link

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Hard Graft iMac Slipper


While the Apple iMac is a beautiful design on its own, we can't help but love the look of Hard Graft's iMac "Slipper" on the base. The felt and leather accessory will fit the 24-27 inch iMacs as well as Apple's Cinema Displays. Link

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Incase MacBook Perforated Hardshell


We're not sure what took them so long, but Incase's popular Perforated Hardshell Case ($60) is finally making its way to the MacBook Pro. And just in time for the new hardware refreshes that are expected tomorrow. Link

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Victorinox Secure SSD Swiss Army Knife


Victorinox's latest hi-tech Swiss Army Knife features what looks like a thumb-drive but is actually an a highly compact SSD in a thumb-drive size. Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB sizes, the drive features a USB 2.0 eSATA II Combo Port and an E-Paper display. Link

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LaCie Tank


LaCie's Tank was designed to be just that, a piece of armor for your prized gadgets. The interior foam can be customized to fit a variety of portables like your hard drive or handheld and once inside your gear is surrounded by a military grade, drop-tested shell that's also dust and rain resistant. Link

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