Coach Crocodile iPhone 5 Case


You probably want to hold off on buying a pricey crocodile leather iPhone case with the iPhone 6 around the corner, but if you plan on keeping your 5/5S around for awhile you'll have a pretty stunning option to swaddle it in.

The case is a limited edition for Coach with a stunning texture that you just can't get from anything else. And if you're holding off for the Apple's next jewel, we have a feeling Coach will have more ultra luxurious options for your future purchase.

$398, Coach

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Denon X5200W


Got a 4K panel on the way? You'll want to have to one of these at the core of your home theatre rack. You're looking at Denon's new flagship receiver and it touts the latest and greatest sound technology that you might have experienced at the movies lately: Dolby Atmos.

The 9.2 channel system will bring 200+ watts to each channel and has compatibility with Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS Neo:X, Audyssey DSX, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz. It will also have an endless amount of inputs and outputs and it will be ready for wireless music streaming with Airplay, DLNA, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

$1,999, Denon

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Getting Yosemite Early | OS X Beta Program


You Apple fans chomping at the bit to get an early taste of OS X Yosemite before its fall launch, you will get your chance tomorrow as Apple launches the OS X Yosemite Beta Program.

The new OS will be a major update to the platform with better iOS device integration and a whole new look that takes a page from the UI styling of iOS 7. New features include a new notification center, a more robust Spotlight, and new iOS and OS X connectivity that lets you do things like answer calls from your phone on your desktop, send and receive both SMS texts and iMessage texts, and Handoff which lets you continue what you were doing on your iPhone on your desktop and vice versa.


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NudeAudio Super-M


We've come a very very long way since the days of boomboxes and bags filled with D-cell batteries and that is more than evident in the latest speaker from NudeAudio, the Super-M.

The compact pocket-able Bluetooth speaker is no slouch in the audio department. It houses four full-range neodymium drivers on both sides of the device and two passive radiators. Those drivers are also coupled with amplifiers and a lithium-ion battery that will have you going for eight hours of playback. It also doubles as a speakerphone and has an IPX-5 rating meaning its water and sand-proof.

$99, Kickstarter

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Samsung Level Over Headphones


Samsung hopes to steal some attention away from Beats by Dre with their own premium audio line, Level. The line will launch with four products: an on the ear headphone, an in-ear, a Bluetooth speaker, and our favorite, the Level Over.

The Level Over is their flagship headphone that boasts wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth and features 50mm dynamic drivers, Bio Cellulose structures that keeps audio accurate, and a hybrid noise cancellation feature that has mics built into the inside of the headphone as well as the outside to help block out exterior noise. users will get first dibs on the Level collection on July 17th with the other retailers to follow in the coming weeks.

$350, Gilt

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Slingbox M1


Sling Media makes it even easier to access your favorite shows and sporting events no matter where you are on the planet with their newly announced Slingbox M1.

The new M1 plugs right into your setup and has built-in dual-band WiFi to let you control your shows whether live or recorded from anywhere in the world in full high-definition. You can also setup the M1 right from an iOS or Android phone/tablet and you can watch on a second screen with an Apple TV or a Roku box. Even better is that there's no monthly fees and this Sling box is their most affordable yet at just $150.


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JBL Synchros Reflect BT


JBL's Synchros Reflect BT is everything you could want in a workout headphone. Firstly, they're wireless so you won't have to worry about being tied down to your phone or mp3 player and they're sweat resistant so a little perspiration won't get in the way of breaking your headphones.

The headphones connect via Bluetooth and have a playback time of up to five hours. When you're finished with your run the earpieces snap together magnetically to keep them secure on your neck and a reflective design keeps you safe on nightly runs.

$99, JBL

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The Dead Phone Ban | 4 Battery Options to Keep Your Phone from Getting Confiscated at the Airport


As if getting on your flight couldn't get any more annoying, airlines are beginning to ban dead cell phones due to recent security threats. With how much we rely on our smartphones these days, it's probably the last thing you want to be without when you're flying out of the country. We've rounded up five of our favorite battery options to give you a little peace of mind on your travels.


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Normal | Custom 3D Printed Earphones


You all know how much of a crapshoot it can be when purchasing a pair of earphones. Most of them aren't made well and most are poorly made and are of a low quality. Your only real solution is to get a custom pair made and that can be quite costly and involve a bit of effort and time to get made.

Normal is a new company that not only simplifies the process but makes it affordable to get your very own, custom-tailored headphones. The process is easy. Download the app which is available for iOS or Android and follow the instructions to have a photo of your ear taken, you then customize the look of your buds, and then that's sent to Normal where they 3D print your earphone. In about 48 hours you get a fully customized pair designed to perfectly fit your ear.

$199, Normal

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Just Mobile AluPen Digital


If you've ever used a stylus on your tablet you know how annoying and unnatural those rubber tips are when you're writing or drawing on a glass screen. Just Mobile's new AluPen fixes that with an ultra-fine tip that feels just like a regular ol' ballpoint.

There's no Bluetooth pairing needed or any proprietary apps that the AluPen is locked down to. They've kept it extra simple so you can use it on any app with any capacitive tablet. The AluPen uses charge amplifying circuitry that is powered by a single AAA battery to keep things precise and allows the pen to use the ultrafine (and retractable) nib.

$50, Just Mobile

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