MAKR iPhone 6 Sleeves


MAKR's got just the case for the purists out there who want to go case-less, but need a bit of protection to keep all that anodized aluminum in tip-top shape. They've just released a set of sleeves for both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+ so you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to protecting your iPhone.

The sleeves are made from Horween leather and all of them are handsewn with painted edges. You also get a handful of colorway choices including Charcoal Latigo Leather, Navy Matte (our favorite), Saddle Tan, and if you want nothing but the best, they will also be offering a line of sleeves in Cordovan leather.

$115-$230, MAKR

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Smythson Montagu Holdall


There are two types of carry-on travelers, the ones who swear by their rollers and the ones who sstick to the good ol' duffel bag. If you're in the latter and a solid bag investment is in your future, Smythson just launched their Montagu collection and its got an impressive Holdall that's ready to make its way around the globe.

The bag is made from soft, malleable calf leather with gold hardware accents and cotton lining in the main compartment and suede lining in the exterior pocket. The bags come in three colors, though we're quite taken with the navy pictured above.

£1,695, Smythson

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Troubadour Business Card Case


We know everyone prefers to share the information digitally these days, but in our opinion, the business card is still a must. Troubadour has a new case this season and its an essential for keeping your cards crisp and organized.

Not only is the case well-crafted, but you will bring a bit of theater when exchanging cards with a top that swivels up when you need to grab your cards. The cases are made from Italian vegetable-tanned leather and come in three colorways.

$210, Troubadour

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Buttonworks Revolving Brass Key Ring


We're suckers for a good keychain and this simple little piece from Buttonworks in Japan hits all the checkboxes for us. Firstly, it's dead simple and secondly, it just looks pretty damn cool.

What makes it "revolving" is the set of discs that let you push the keys through to get it on the key ring. Based off a design from the 1800s, the revolving keyring works by simply placing the holes in your key into the notch and aligning the discs to then push the keys through. Both discs must be aligned, so your keys will be safe and secure.

$34, Hickoree's

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wings+horns x Porter


Everyone's favorite Japanese bag & accessory behemoth, Porter, is celebrating wings+horns tenth anniversary with two exclusive pieces. The collaboration will feature a backpack and wallet and is inspired by the genesis of wings+horns which was founded on a flight from their home base in Canada to Japan.

The collection has an interesting mix of fabrics. They've blended the luxury of leather and suede with nylon flight satin and hard wearing canvas. Under the leather and suede exterior, the ruckpack features an orange waterproof liner and the wallet follows a similar color theme with its interior pocket that reveals an orange leather coin pocket.


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MAKR Horizon Four Wallet


You already know that a thinner wallet is the way to go, yet you still can't get rid of that deck of plastic that is exploding out of your wallet. Do yourself an enormous favor and consider this new wallet option from MAKR.

Their Horizon Four Wallet has a wrap around panel that makes it their thinnest wallet and interior slots and outside slots make it convenient to store a little more than your usual card sleeve if you do happen to need a couple of more cards on hand.

$110, MAKR

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theory11 Tycoon Playing Cards


theory11 playing cards are definitely something you would categorize as luxurious, but these new Tycoon decks are luxurious in the truest sense of the word. The company was commissioned to create a deck that was worthy of being placed at the iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel.

The set was designed with the help of "The Millionaire's Magician", Steve Cohen, who oversaw the creation of the red and ming blue decks. The deck features court cards licensed from Fournier in Villareal de Àlava, Spain, and are made in the USA using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates.

$6.95, theory11


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Maharishi x Senz Umbrella


You probably shouldn't be outside if the outside conditions involve 70 mph winds, but it's always good to know your gear can withstand the worst when it hits. The ambitious engineers at Senz have developed an umbrella that's rated to withstand just that and they've teamed up with Maharishi to take advantage of one of their great patterns.

Using their innovative, storm-proof design Maharishi threw their DPM: Dazzle pattern over and under the canopy and the unique, angular design of the umbrella really makes for a perfect combo with the geometric lines.

$88, Maharishi

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Winter Session Mini Zip Bag


Bags, bags, and more bags. Ok, so maybe your girlfriend is starting to make fun of you now that your bag collection is starting to eat at her Michael Kors section of the closet, but here's another bag you might want to add to the mountain. Well, at least it's small.

Winter Session's Mini Zip Bag is perfect for all your small items, whether that's your candy stash, your watch, or all your wires and earbuds. The bags are tough and sturdy with an exterior made from 20oz waxed cotton and come in three colors.

$30, Winter Session

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Teranishi Teardrop Pack


So you want the waxed canvas bag, but you want something a little more unique. Teranishi serves up their take on a classic bag shape and if you're familiar with the brand's work, you know that this bag is filled with carefully considered details and construction.

The idea behind the bag is simple. One main compartment and a few exterior pockets. Nothing excessive, just the basics, but done very well. The bag is made from a 10.10oz waxed cotton with vegetable-tanned leather base, powder coated ladder locks on the padded, ergonomic straps, a hidden grab handle, and welt construction zips.

$225, Teranishi

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