Tanner Goods Notebooks


Yes, it's another notebook, but this one is from Tanner Goods and if you're fans like we are you know there's some amazing leather involved and that alone already has our attention. They're releasing two styles of notebooks in a large format style for either writing or sketching. Of course, no Tanner Goods product is complete with a good dose of leather. Both books are compatible with their leather covers that are made from 3.5oz natural tooling leather or Horween leather.

$12-$160, Tanner Goods

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Parabellum Pouches


We can't get enough of Parabellum's bison leather, the texture and the colorways are just some of the most striking pieces we've ever laid eyes on and as much as we love the big names in the biz, these guys make one hell of a compelling alternative to the usual choices. Their latest addition is a collection of sleeves for storing all your small goods and documents, a perfect and compact portfolio wrapped in some of the most vibrant and rich leathers you've ever seen.


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Ultraolive Taped Seam Dry Bag


If you can't fathom the idea of your prized pair of Common Projects getting scuffed up in your bag then this new essential piece of kit from Ultraolive will surely be your next purchase. Waterproof fabric and taped seams will lock out anything from getting your kicks dirty and is big enough for shoe sizes up to 13 inches. It's also perfect for storing gym wear on your travels or other important goods you want to keep dry and protected on your travels.

$55, Ultraolive

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Killspencer iPhone 6 Collection


LA's Killspencer has got a new line of accessories for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and if you're looking to streamline your pocket situation or just add a little custom touch to your new iPhone 6 then you've got to check out the new options launching today.

The collection features three new accessories which include their signature veil that comes that wooden finishes and alcantara, their patented Card Carrier that combines their veil and a card sleeve, and a pebbled leather Carrier Pouch that's available for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

$30-$119, Killspencer

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Schofield Pens


Schofield Watch Company adds to their portfolio of goods with a new fountain pen crafted in their hometown of Sussex, England. Chunky and perfectly weighted as any luxury pen should be, the styling of the pen follows the brand's aesthetic with a specially designed clip that resembles the hands on their watches.

The clip is made from a silver-plated beryllium-bronze, filled with black enamel and is secured with a black onyx cabochon. The clip accents the black acrylic body which is adorned with two bands of sterling silver.


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Roberu iPhone 6/6 Plus Cases


Roberu's iPhone cases have always been a great looking alternative to the traditional plastic and silicon options that crowd the accessory shelves of your favorite electronics retailer. The cases come in an array of colors and the oil tanned leather and unique design will definitely set your device apart from the rest. Handcrafted in Japan, the cases are available for both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.


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MAKR iPhone 6 Card Sleeve


Your new iphone may be thinner, but its bigger screen is starting to take up a bit more real estate in your pocket. One solution is consolidating your iPhone and your wallet into one piece.

MAKR just released a new iPhone 5 Card Sleeve that has a compartment for your iPhone and an exterior pocket for your cards and if you're not the cash-carrying type it's everything you need in one package. The sleeves come in a variety of Horween leathers and each are handsewn and painted with rolled edges.

$120, MAKR

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Tanner Goods Neatsfoot Oil


Patina, patina, patina. It's a slightly overused word we (and our fellow colleagues) tend to beat you over the head with and now that you've got that beautifully broken-in leather, it's time for the next step.

We're talking about maintenance, of course. Tanner's Neatsfoot Oil formula will not only give your leather a nice little boost, but it will also help protect the material and is a good restoration solution if your leather has dried out a bit.

$10, Tanner Goods

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Tailfeather Canvas Camo Bags


Australian bag and accessory maker Tailfeather updates their canvas collection with a new set of "AUSCAM" camo pieces in their Treecreeper backpack and Snipe Pouch.

The Treecreeper, a slim backpack for those of you who only need to carry the essentials is made from a heavyweight canvas with black top grain leather trim. A perfect accessory for the Treecreeper, the Snipe, is great for holding documents or a MacBook Pro up to 15 inches.

$131-$244, Tailfeather

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Apolis Striped Simple Tote


It's no surprise the Apolis Tote is so popular, its a staple of fashionable boutiques across the globe and is simply one of those reasonably-priced essentials you have to have.

Their new Striped Simple Tote is reusable, vegan, and it just looks great. The bag is 100% handcrafted and printed in Bangladesh from recycled materials and uses no animal products. The bag is made from 100% golden jute fiber and has a waterproof polyurethane lining.

$28, Apolis

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