Warby Parker Beacon Collection


Those Warby Parker guys are a busy bunch these days and while we could complain that there's too much coming out, it's hard to ignore that they every release has a handful of designs that are definitely worth noting.

Today they've released the Beacon Collection, two unique shapes designed for the sun or prescription wear. The first style, the Ingram, takes the wayfarer shape and slims it down with a thin frame, dipped browline, and squared-off lenses. The Garrett takes a more aggressive approach with a flat-top brow and a keyhole nosebridge.

$95-$150, Warby Parker


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Ray-Ban Wayfarer Denim


Ray-Ban has been having a field day with materials lately. We've seen everything from solid gold aviators to leather Warfarers and even an aluminum take on the always-classic Clubmaster. So what's next? How about some denim on your face?

Now, it might sound like an odd fit for a pair of sunglasses, but take a good look at the frame and you'll have to agree that it makes for a good pair of shades. They've taken the Wayfarer shape and swathed strong layers of denim with polypropylene and acetate that are fused in a stratification process that reaches temperatures of up to 200 degrees to create each frame.


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Haerfest Camo Shell Backpacks


For a pattern that's supposed to keep you hidden from view, many fashion brands treat camo like oversized, overdone, and overstated branding. Haerfest keeps it subtle with their Shell Backpack styles that uses camo quite tastefully.

The camo treatment wraps around the front and rear of the bag in a dark shadowy blue or an all-black pattern. Both have matching black or dark navy cowhide with a fully-lined interior, contrasting brass hardware, leather shoulder straps, and a low-profile front pocket design.

$375, Hypebeast Store

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Postalco Jogging Wallet


So you're deep into your run and you've realized you need to stock up on some groceries, only problem is that you're only equipped with your phone and your keys. Next time you can bring some cash with you and not worry about the uncomfortable bulk of a wallet in your pocket.

Postalco's Jogging Wallet is their smallest wallet yet and is designed to be compact enough to hold bills folded into quarters and an integrated key ring keeps everything you need in one place when you're out for a run. The wallets come in black, red, or moss green and is made from their Geology Goatskin leather, a leather that's shrunken to create a texture that resembles mountain
s and valleys, hence the name.



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Bremont Wright Flyer


While many watch companies can lay claim to the ultimate aviation watch, Bremont has a leg up on all of them with their new watch, the Wright Flyer. Behind the classic dial lies a pretty impressive detail, a piece of the muslin used from the 1903 Wright Flyer aircraft, yes, the world's first airplane.

The material, used to cover the plane, will be located on the rotor of the watch's movement. What's equally as special is that the movement will be the brand's first in-house and what better place to introduce it than this limited edition. The 25-jewel BWC/01 33.4mm Automatic will feature a Glucydur balance, Nivarox CT balance spring, a Nivaflex mainspring, and a 50+ hour power reserve. The case will come in three editions: steel, rose gold, and white gold. Each will be released in a limited run and are accessorized with an alligator leather strap.

Bremont (Via Hodinkee)

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Oppermann Goswell


This fall, Oppermann London relaunches its luxury accessory brand with an online-only model and of course, a brand new e-commerce shop to match. The collection is inspired by Swedish minimalism and London style and looks to three core tenets when designing their bags: functionality, simplicity, and beauty.

That design language translates perfectly to their latest bag, the Goswell. The Goswell is free of any excessive details or features, just clean panels of beautifully finished vegetable-tanned leather from Santa Croce, Italy. The country is also the source for its zippers and lining and the button hardware is from Germany. Inside there's adequate space for documents and a 13" laptop and they've even gone as far as to brush and polish each tooth in the zipper so there are no sharp edges to scratch your goods.

$332, Opperman

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Winter Session x CampWell Log Tote


We're not sure how many of you will actually get any real use out of a Log Tote, but if you've been seeking a better way to haul firewood this tote from Winter Session and CampWell could not be more perfect.

Realistically we like the idea of using their Log Tote for beach days or BBQs and when you're ready to head into the woods, this should more than deliver. The tote is made from a strong 18oz canvas with vegetable-tanned leather handles that should hold up exceptionally well over time. The tote comes in natural waxed grey canvas or unwaxed natural canvas and each tote is handmade in Denver, Colorado.

$85, Winter Session

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Sperry Top-Sider for J.Crew Wool Slip-Ons


Summer isn't quite over yet, but with fall creeping in ever so slowly you can never be too prepared for the months ahead. J.Crew knows you won't be ready to give up your summer duds so they've carefully switched up a hot weather staple with an update for the fall with Sperry's new Wool Slip-Ons.

Casual and comfortable, the exclusive style comes in two colors: a two-tone grey or navy-grey. We have a feeling these will be a goto everyday pair next season and it's a versatile shoe that looks great whether you're in your favorite pair of Levis or a crisp pair of khakis.

$70, J.Crew

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Paul Smith Blankets


It can get a bit cold up there in the friendly skies and it's always a bit of a crapshoot when dealing with airplane blankets. Avoid them or not? We tend to go with the former and bring our own. Even those First/Business class blankets may have questionable origins.

Paul Smith's answer to all this is an ultra luxe cashmere blanket that'll have you feeling like you're in First Class no matter what cabin you're in. It also comes with a convenient leather case to keep it all nice and tidy and ready to go for your next destination.

$750, Paul Smith

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Smythson Oscar Wilde Diary


Celebrating the return of The Importance of Being Earnest to London's West End, Smythson and the Cafe Royal (Once the Grill Cafe, a daily favorite of Wilde's) have created a special edition diary stamped with a quote from Wilde's most famous play.

The pocket diary is limited to just 100 editions and is wrapped in a dark navy cross-grain lamb leather with Smythson's signature goldstamping that bears the quote "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train."

$54, Smythson

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