Stormy Monday Cutter Servers


Haven't heard of Stormy Monday? The Southern California-based studio focuses its designs on recycling and repurposing products such as skateboards which they take used decks and beautifully reshape them into bold new designs. Our favorite product of theirs is their cutting boards and they've got a fresh new set of them this summer.

The Cutter Servers are made from reclaimed cherry or walnut wood and this summer they've released some new shapes that are immaculately finished and better than anything you could ever get inside a Williams Sonoma. As the name states, they're ideal for cutting and serving and are sure to become one of your favorite items in the kitchen.

$130, Shelter Half

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Stelton T Pot & T Cup


For their Spring '14 line, Stelton designs a beautiful new way to enjoy your Earl Grey with their T Pot and T Cups. A modern design inspired by the Bauhaus era, the set features a base with a built-in tea-light which also keeps the pot above the base to keep the tea hot. The pot also has a large tealeaf strainer that can easily be removed from the pot once the tea is ready.


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Rogue Territory Gun Metal Tumblers


Denim brand Rogue Territory teams up with artisan and Los Angeles neighbor Robert Siegel on a limited run of porcelain tumblers. Cast from handmade molds, each tumbler is individually dipped in a matte-black glaze to achieve the unique contrast and because of the handcrafted nature of each tumbler each cup is completely unique.

$32, Robert Siegel Studio

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Old Faithful Two-Tone Cutting Board


The talented Canucks over at the Old Faithful Shop have cranked out a must have for any and every kitchen, their Two-Tone Cutting Board. Made from North American Black Walnut and Canadian Sugar Maple, each board is built to last and is immaculately crafted in Vancouver, BC and hand rubbed with food-safe linseed oil and sealed with a food-safe wax finish.

$125, Old Faithful Shop

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Toshiki Kitchen Knives for Best Made


Best Made has called upon 71-year old Japanese blacksmith Toshiki Nambu who's gone all Hattori Hanzo on an impressive set of Kitchen Knives. Magnolia wood handles are matched with white carbon steel blades that come in Nakiri, Santoku, Petty, and Pairing knives that are ready for just about any job in the kitchen.

Set of four - $395, Best Made

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Best Made Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Bowls


Looks like you'll be close to having a full set of Best Made kitchenware very soon. Adding to the enamel cups and plates, is a new line of Enamel Steel Bowls with their "Steamless and Steadfast" and maybe soon a line of cutlery perhaps? Imagine a wooden-handled piece that's painted like the axes with a titanium spoon or fork inside? Here's hoping. Best Made

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Jacob Jensen Kitchen Knives


Whether you're a casual cook or Escoffier wannabe, every man should have a serious set of knives in the kitchen arsenal. Enter Jacob Jensen who have teamed up with German blade experts, Felix Solingen. The stainless steel knives are styled with the brand's eye for simplicity and functionality and have Hostaform shafts which is durable and can withstand any type of detergent. Jacob Jensen

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Vipp Salt and Pepper Mill


As usual Vipp takes the most mundane of housewares and turns it into a design object that worth talking about. Their Salt and Pepper Mills ($200) combine aluminum, stainless steel, and matte rubber to create mills carry modern and sophisticated fit and finish. 4

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Bodum Flatbed Toaster


Bodum's beautifully designed Flatbed Toaster gives your conventional slot-toaster a run for its money with a heating surface that won't only toast bread, but tortillas, pizza slices, bagels, etc.. Link: $80

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Krups High Performance Deep Fryer


While many guys see grilling as a necessary cooking skill that every man should know, we're of the opinion that you should also know how to operate a deep fryer and operate it well. Krups makes this easy with their High Performance Deep Fryer which sports a number of conveniences such as a patented ventilation system for significantly reducing frying odors, a fog-resistant clear lid for making sure your fried foods achieve that perfect color and texture, and with a most of the components being dishwasher safe, its easy to clean up too. Link: $400

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