MiiR Tall Boy Pint Cups


Here's one tall boy you won't be chucking into the recycle bin. Miir's Tall Boy Pint Cups are made from stainless steel and will probably last a lifetime. The cans are made from an 18/8 medical grade stainless steel that's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. And at $12 you'll definitely want to fill a cupboard full of them and more importantly each purchase provides clean drinking water to a person in need for an entire year.

$12, MiiR

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Sorapot 2


Joey Roth's beautiful Sorapot grabbed a whole lot of attention when it debuted in 2008. It's been a couple years since the original tea-brewing masterpiece has been available and now the designer has brought it back in a new and improved form after four years in development.

The Sorapot 2 keeps the much-loved design of the original, but with a few important tweaks. The new pot is the end result of improvements in casting technology which allowed Roth to fully realize his original design and is now lighter and uses less materials than the original Sorapot. The Sorapot 2 is now available for pre-order and begins shipping in October 2014.

$285, Joey Roth

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Best Made Seamless & Steadfast Tall Tumblers


It's not a everyday you see enamel tumblers this size, but leave it to the folks at Best Made to pull it off and more importantly, pull it off beautifully.

The company called upon their European partners once again who have been crafting their enamelware goods on WWII-era machinery where the cups are baked with a seamless finish and the rims, the area which sees the most damage, are double dipped and built to last. The hefty cups are the perfect place for your chilled beverages and will surely become a household favorite.

$36, Best Made

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Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade


A perfect complement to their shapely light bulbs, Plumen introduces their beautiful Drop Top Lamp Shade, the first lamp shade from the British lighting company.

The Drop Top is made from mouth-blown glass that is slightly tinted to give you a view of the bulb's unique and sculptural form. The shades come in three colors: Amber, Black, and White and simply slips onto the Drop Cap accessory for easy installation. If you don't already own the Drop Cap, Plumen will also be selling them in a complete package ($150-$160) that includes the shade, bulb, and Drop Cap Pendant.

$90, Plumen

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SWASH Express Clothing Care System


What if you didn't have to go back to the dry cleaner every time to get your clothes crisp and clean? SWASH is a sleek new appliance that cuts down trips to the dry and cleaner and helps refresh your clothes in the time it takes for you to jump in and out of the shower.

SWASH needs no water or special installation, all you have to do is hang your clothes or pants, insert a Swash Pod and in ten minutes the machine removes odors and light wrinkles. It's like the Nespresso of dry cleaning. Swash can handle a number of fabrics: denim, wool, polyester, cashmere, and cotton without piling or fading the garment and even helps restore the fit.

$499, Bloomingdale's

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retaW Peels


Hiroshi Fujiwara's fragrance line (and cult-favorite) retaW expands its beautifully-scented wares to our four-legged friends with a PEELS, a new grooming collection designed just for dogs.

PEELS will launch with two grooming products: a conditioning shampoo and a grooming spray. First up is the "Condishampoo" which is scented with Sumire, a blend of floral violet notes and jasmine that cleans with a gentle formula that gets your dog squeaky clean and helps to keep his/her coat soft and fluffy. You can also finish with the Grooming Spray that shares the same scent and helps maintain a dog's coat and untangles dog fur.

retaW (via Honeyee)

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Tanner Goods Nokori Folding Chairs


You've probably seen the Nokori Folding Chairs on Acquire before, but Tanner Goods have just updated them with a few new leathers combos and we just couldn't ignore how great they looked.

The wooden folding chairs now come in three leather variations: Black Chromexcel, Rich Moc Chromexcel, an a burly 13oz English Bridle leather. The chairs are crafted from hand-rubbed mahogany wood and each chair is routed, sanded, and finished entirely by hand at their studio in Portland, Oregon. It's the perfect outdoor chair and if you've got any music festivals on deck this summer you'll definitely have the best seating there.

$495, Tanner Goods

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Shinola Pet


Set to launch this fall, Detroit watch-builder Shinola will be launching Shinola Pet, a whole new line of products for our favorite four-legged friends.

Shinola Pet will be a new collection of American-made luxury goods designed in collaboration with famed photographer and animal lover, Bruce Weber. Weber and the Shinola design team have created a collection of leashes, beds, collars, and toys. He will also be providing photography that will be featured on a limited edition run of post cards and notebooks.


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MAKR Aluminum Tumblers


Minimalist mastercraftman MAKR adds to its recently released Tumbler collection and adds a range of aluminum Tumblers that you'll definitely want to stock your cupboards with.

The new mugs are available in three sizes: short, tall and tapered. Each mug is made from hand-turned aluminum and is wrapped in a food-grade powdercoat in your choice of grey or white. These are perfect for beverages, make for great desk storage, and simply look amazing anywhere you put them.


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Apolis Transit Issue Camp Candle


Whether you're at the campsite or you get stuck in a smoking room at your hotel, Apolis's new and compact Transit Issue Camp Candle will prove to be one of your goto travel essentials.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the candle features a fresh "Redwood Eucalyptus" scent and has a burn time of 20 hours. It also has citronella essential oils that will help ward off any mosquitos and insects and with its 4 oz compact aluminum tin it's a great size for taking it on the go. Hell, pack a few and have the best smelling campsite on the trail.

$30, Apolis

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