QUIN | Portland, OR


Fresh Jacobsen Sea Salt Caramels? Chai Tea Lollipops? Cherry Cola Gumdrops? Got your attention yet? If you've got plans to head up to the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon-based Quin just opened their doors on July 1st offering a selection of lollipops, caramels, hard candy, marshmallows, and more, all of which are handmade from the highest quality ingredients. Its definitely a much better option than eradicating your taste buds with a pack of Jolly Ranchers. And if you can't make it out to Portland, Quin will be offering their candy for online ordering later this month.

1022 W. Burnside
Portland, OR 97209
(971) 300-8395

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Apolis + Handsome Coffee Honduras Coffee Project


Apolis and artisan coffee joint Handsome Coffee Roasters team up to deliver affordable healthcare and education for the community Siguatepeque, Honduras with their new premium coffee roast. The Co-op Roast is roasted weekly at Handsome's Downtown LA headquarters and has a sweet, soft citrus finish that is recommended with or without whole milk and with no need for sugar or other sweeteners. $28, Apolis

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Side Project Jerky


Philadelphian work colleagues Marcos Espinoza and Mark Novasack want you to know that there's a better option than that salty pack of Jack Links with their "Jerky for Gentlemen", Side Project Jerky. Side Project Jerky ($8 a pack) puts an artisanal spin on your favorite dehydrated meat with top round beef that is carefully marinated, expertly butchered, and flavored in three choices: Original: an ode to their hometown of Philadephia with salt, pepper, and a hint of cheese, Mongolian: Sesame, soy, fresh ginger, and brown sugar, and Southwestern: a spicy mix of New Mexico chile, cumin, and cayenne. Link

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For All Time Champ Blend


Richmond, Virginia's Need Supply continues its line of For All Time collaborations with local roasters, Lamplighter Coffee. The Champ Blend Coffee ($18) features a two part blend consisting of Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate A & Kenya Ruiru Oaklands Estate AA coffees. Both of which are fair trade, small lot, estate grown coffees. Link

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XXD Folding Picnic Set


Unless you're married to June Cleaver, we advise that you leave that awful looking wicker basket at home and impress that special someone with XXD's Folding picnic set. The portable set includes two plastic plates, two sets of silverware, and a wine corkscrew.
All you need now is a great bottle of wine and her favorite food and you'll be all set. [$52]

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G.O.A.T Rumble Bars


I've never been the biggest fan of nutritional bars, but a few months a good friend of mine came across these Rumble Bars by a new company called G.O.A.T which he claimed was unlike any nutritional bar I've ever tasted. Upon trying them myself, it turns out that I couldn't agree more, and until recently the only way to get a Rumble Bar was either at a select university across the country or if you could somehow sneak your way into the Google HQ cafeteria. Fortunately for me, they just launched their very own webstore that sells their whole lineup (I recommend the apple punched Rumble Bar) and if my endorsement isn't enough, all the food is approved by the G.O.A.T himself, Muhammad Ali. [$12.50]

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Taste of Philadelphia


You don't have to travel to Philadelphia to get a authentic cheesesteak, you can get it shipped to you overnight. Taste of Philadelphia sells packages filled with authentic philly eats like cheesteaks, Hoagies, soft pretzels and more. [$79.95]

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