Levi's Made and Crafted Racer Jacket


Part of their "Nude Leather" collection, Levi's Made and Crafted releases the Leather Racer Jacket, crafted in Italy from beautiful, natural cowhide leather. Just like a good pair of Levi's this will wear-in beautifully and if you've ever seen the patina on natural leather, you already know how good this jacket is going to look with a few miles on it.

If you want to complete the look or you just want to go all out with a look that's dripping in leather, Levi's also has a few accessory pieces from the Nudle Leather collection that include a great looking, gold-riveted bucket bag and a weekender for all your travel needs.


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Smith I/O7


Smith set the pace for the market when they debuted one of the first rimless goggles on the market and now they're marking seven years of innovation with their new flagship, the I/O7.

Focusing more on performance and perfection, the new goggle further refines their interchangeable lens technology with a single-pivot quick release system for instant lens swaps and features Vaporator lens tech to reduce lens fogging between lenses, a 5x anti-fog inner lens, 3-layer Driwix face foam, and the I/O7 includes two mirrored lenses.

$225, Smith

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Staple x Clarks Originals Wallabee


From Jony Ive to fictional drug kingpin Walter White, the Wallabee has been a favorite of many and is as essential to footwear as Coca Cola is to the beverage world. The moc-toed favorite gets the Jeff Staple treatment that will bring the Clarks Wallabee into 2014 with a new limited edition.

The upper gets an all grey update while the signature crepe sole gets two-tone natural crepe that is hit with a red bottom that makes up Staple's famous Pigeon colorway that has adorned a number of popular streetwear pieces, including his infamous and very rare Nike Dunk SB.


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Vitra: Everything is Connected


The world of Vitra is beautifully visualized with a must-have book for any fan of design and/or furniture with Vitra: Everything is Connected:

"Vitra's Everything is Connected thoughtfully compiles photographs conveying the essence of connectivity. The Swiss interior design company's book echoes the game when, as a child, we learned to be visual detectives by looking for hidden objects in puzzling images. Here, the hidden object can be a color, a shape, or a motif. Patterns travel effortlessly through the twentieth century like a time machine, yet instead of limiting itself to a linear approach, Everything is Connected shows the evolution of a piece of furniture such as the iconic Eames Lounge Chair through situational sequences. Ads, snapshots, portraits, and sketches demonstrate the prevalence of such objects with elegance, subtle wit, and sometimes blatant humor."

$40, Gestalten

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Mackintosh for Monocle


It should come as no surprise that Monocle is teaming up with Mackintosh. The Scottish company's iconic raincoats have protected generations of wearers from the weather and it's a closet essential that will continue to be in style for generations to come.

Their special edition for Monocle is made from Loro Piana storm-system premium wool and is constructed in their bestselling Dunkeld style. It also features a quilted nylon vest that can be worn with or without the jacket.

£795, Monocle

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Band of Outsiders Fall '14 Saddle Shoes


Now that the Saddle shoe is back and here to stay, it's time for some designers to rethink the preppy classic. Band of Outsiders has a great take on the Saddle Shoe with a whole collection featuring different fabrics, monochromatic uppers, and unique graphic treatments.

One of our favorites is the grey wool style made from a winter weight felted wool and a slipped heel that is accented with a bright hit of green. Other highlights include (photos after the jump) an all leather upper wrapped in a notebook print and a classic white and black Saddle that looks like the traditional style from afar, but upon closer inspection you'll find that the panels look as if they were painted on.

$575-$675, Band of Outsiders


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Filson Soft-Sided Cooler


If we had to choose, we wouldn't mind having a Filson bag for every single purpose in our lives. The new Filson Soft-Sided Cooler gets us one step closer with a rugged bag that is perfect for the campsite or a roadtrip to keep all your food and drinks cool.

The bag is made from their heavy duty 22oz twill + 15oz oil finish Tin Cloth which is water repellent and has a structured base to stay upright even when empty. Inside is a heavy duty, insulated lining to for keeping everything cold and a rust-reistant brass zipper keeps it all locked down and insulated.

$275, Filson

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MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon


One of the most unique watches on the planet gets a new color, but not just any color. MB&F gave their hugely complex HM5 a new black tint, but this is no traditional DLC or PVD black coating. They wanted a material that was solid black and as hard as stainless steel, but no material of that kind exists, but MB&F isn't one to give up on a challenge.

They developed their own material with a the help of a specialist that took 18 months to develop. This material is aclled CarbonMacrolon, a dense polycarbonate resin that's further strengthened with carbon nanotubes. The material meets all their criteria for a solid black material with the hardness of steel and it's solid black all the way through. The watch will be limited to 66 pieces with the same internals as the original HM5, but with new details such as an iridescent purple rotor and matching purple accents on the time display.


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Kindle Voyage


Sure, tablets have come a long away, but when it comes to books, nothing can hold a candle to a Kindle. Today Amazon has released their latest and greatest Kindle reader, the Voyage, a Paperwhite Display product with the highest resolution and highest contrast in a Kindle e-reader.

The Voyage has their sharpest display to date, a 300 ppi screen for print-like text and an adaptive light sensor to give you the ideal brightness no matter what environment you're in. At 7.6mm it's also the thinnest Kindle and with PagePress haptic sensors you can turn the page without ever lifting your finger. When it comes to technical specs the Voyage can be purchased with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G and has 4GBs of storage, up to six weeks of battery life on a single charge, and of course, access to the entire Kindle library.

$199, Amazon

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Rock Covers


Taschen explores the lost art of album art with a book featuring some of the most impressive and important work in music history with "Rock Covers."

"Album art is indelibly linked to our collective musical memories; when you think of your favorite albums, you picture the covers. Many photographers, illustrators, and art directors have become celebrities from their album artworks--the best examples of which will go down in history as permanent fixtures in popular culture.

Paying tribute to this art form, Rock Covers brings you a compilation of more than 750 remarkable album covers, from legendary to rare record releases. Artists as varied as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Iron Maiden, and Sonic Youth are gathered together in celebration of the cover art that defined their albums and their cult status. Each cover is accompanied by a fact sheet listing the art director, photographer or illustrator, year, label, and more, while nearly 250 records that marked particular turning points for a band, an artist, or the music genre, are highlighted with short descriptions."

$70, Taschen

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