Leica X


The Leica X series of cameras gains a new sibling, the X Typ 113, a compact APS-C shooter coupled with a Summilux 23mm f/1.7 lens (35mm equiv). The camera has the fastest lens in the X lineup which should deliver beautiful bokeh and great performance in low light situations.

The large 16MP APS-C sensor should be comparable to some of the best DSLRs in that class and it also has HD-ready video capability with 1080p HD shooting at 30 fps. Of course, no Leica would be complete without its premium fit and finish. The camera's construction features a mix of magnesium and anodized aluminum and is then finished with matching leather trim.


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Epaulet Thorpe Varsity Jacket


There's no two ways about it, the varsity jacket is an undeniable classic, an enduring piece of American style that has been a staple for generations and it's simply one style we can't get enough of. One varsity jacket we've got on our lists this season is this model from Epaulet called the Thorpe that's cut in a slim but not skinny fit.

The jacket comes in navy with caramel sleeves or a black on black colorway. Both have a body made from a soft brushed 22oz melton wool that is matched with full-grain Italian leather sleeves, a blackwatch liner, and a fold-over shawl collar for a subtle, refined twist.

$475, Epaulet

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Killspencer Precision Pocket Modular Camera Bag Collection


Killspencer adds a camera bag collection to their growing bag and accessory portfolio with the Precision Pocket Modular Camera Bag Collection. Designed as a system to hold your camera and lenses, the collection features items that will protect everything from your camera body right down to your memory cards.

The modular system features a leather bag that can be accessorized with their Precision Pocket Camera Bucket that perfectly fits a Leica T or get it customized to fit your specific camera. You can also get individual lens pouches and a slick SD card carrier. The bags and accessories will be available next week on September 23rd.

$79-$750, Killspencer

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2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed


Bentley just announced a new version of their flagship Mulsanne luxury sedan and its torquey, incredibly fast, and eats Phantoms for breakfast. The Mulsanne Speed will become the flagship of the Bentley lineup and will be powered by their 6¾ twin-turbo V8.

That engine will take the Mulsanne Speed from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and will hit a top speed 190 miles per hour. All that speed comes from 530 horsepower and a MASSIVE 811 lb-ft of torque. All that brawn is quite efficient as well, the engine features a cylinder deactivation system that transitions from eight to four cylinders and back to warp speed when you need it. That is coupled with a new sport suspension mode when you want to have a little fun around the corners and of course, a comfort mode is available when you just want to float through traffic. A variety of exterior enhancements are exclusive the Speed edition which include a dark tint finish to Bentley's signature matrix grilles, headlamps, and rear lights, rifled exhausts, and a comprehensive interior spec that includes everything from diamond-quilted door panels and a 2,200 watt Naim audio system.



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Leica M Edition 60


Leica just announced a very special camera at the Photokina show in Germany celebrating the 60th Anniversary of its iconic M Rangefinder camera system. The camera is a Leica M-P with a twist, a big twist. The camera has the latest full-frame 24MP Leica sensor, but takes it back to the basics, giving you access to just the essentials: shutter speed, aperture, focusing, and ISO. It's like shooting on film, but digital.

Limited to 600 examples worldwide, the camera will come with a 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M lens and both the body and lens are styled by Audi Design. Each camera and lens is individually numbered and matched to each other and will also come with a camera protector which is also created by Audi Design. The M Edition 60 will hit Leica retailers in October.


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Harry's Skincare


Our favorite anti-Gilette, Harry's, will be adding to its shave cream product with a new Skincare line that adds a foaming shave gel and after shave lotion. The aim of the line is to fighting a common nuisance amongst many guys: dry and irritated skin.

The products were designed with hydrating ingredients that are perfect post-shave to protect and moisturize your skin. The shave gel features a natural mix of Milk Thistle, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera, Licorice Root Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Bergamot Oil, and a scent profile which all combines for a soothing recipe that will condition, refresh, and keep you skin in the best shape possible. The after shave lotion contains Marula Oil, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera, and Licorice Root Extract that all works together to hydrate without being too greasy.

$8-$10, Harry's

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The Return of Technics


One of the most important names in audio is making a big comeback next year and this time they're taking it back to their roots, focusing squarely on the hi-fi products that put the company on the map. Technics will relaunch with two lines: an ultra high-end reference audio line and a new premium line of audio products.

The R1 Series, Technics' flagship line will feature three products: a stereo amplifier with their JENO (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimisation) digital engine, a noise minimizing Network Audio Control Player, and their floorstanding SB-R1 speakers. Below the R1 Series is the C700 line which will also feature an amp, network audio player, speakers, and for those of you who still can't let go of their discs, they will also have a premium compact disc player.


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Panasonic CM1


Though Panasonic has never proven itself to be a competitor in the mobile phone space, their new CM1 might have a leg up on the competition and that's because they've managed to squeeze in a 1" sensor into a slim, smartphone-sized body.

The CM1 boasts a 20MP sensor that is coupled with a Leica f/2.8 lens w/ manual control ring for images that could possibly rival those in the most premium point-and-shoots. It's also an impressive smartphone that is powered by Android 4.4, a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and has 16GBs of storage. No word yet on whether or not this will hit America, but if you're in Germany or France you should be able to get your hands on one before the end of the year.


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Weiss Special Issue Field Watches


Proving independent American watchmaking is still alive and well, LA-based Weiss has been crafting some serious timepieces and is now launching two special editions based on their timeless Field Watch designs.

The two new special edition styles include a "latte" and "carbon" dial which are machined from naval brass and both feature steel skeletonized hour and minute hands. The cases are sized at 42mm and are made from 316L stainless steel and houses their manually-wound movement that is assembled from 100 Swiss parts and are hand-finished at their Los Angeles workshop.

$1250, Weiss

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Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Beige Collection


This may be the third and final Nike AF1 collection from Givenchy's Ricardo Tisci, but it's also happens to be the most handsome of the bunch. The designer skipped the bright colors of the previous releases and while that might sound boring, the end result is a refined and luxurious variation of a sneaker classic.

The collection features three styles, but we've got our eyes on the classic low tops which are updated in a sandy "beige" colorway that is crafted from premium leather and accented with a tumbled leather black swoosh. The tongue and heel are done up in synthetic suede and the heel is also decorated with Tisci's signature design accents. The collection will be available tomorrow, October 16th, at NikeLab locations worldwide as well as NikeLab.com.


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