ISAORA Staywarmbetter


Winter is no match for ISAORA's arsenal of insulated jackets. Their Staywarmbetter collection has a jacket for everything from chilly days to urban blizzards. Whether its their insulated, lightweight shirting or their plush down sweaters your options for staying warm are almost endless.

Our favorite pieces are the Combo Down Knit Tech Pullover (above) that puts 90/10 down fill in a raglan-style sweater and the flagship Bonded Knit Combo Down Jacket which combines technical, waterproof materials with the unrivaled warmth of goose down which insulates, but is still breathable.


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Mac mini 2014


So you don't need an iPad or a 5K resolution iMac, but are in the market for a reasonably priced desktop computer. You can thank your lucky stars as Apple introduced a new Mac mini today and their portable desktop is more affordable than ever with a price that starts at just under $500.

That gets you a 1.4GHz dual-core Core i5 processor, 4GBs of RAM, 500GBs of storage, and Intel's HD Graphics 5000 chip. Throw in a couple hundred more dollars and you get a 2.6Ghz Core i5, a 1TB hard drive, 8GBs of RAM, and Intel's Iris graphics chip. There's also a top of the line 2.8GHz model and all models feature dual Thunderbolt 2 ports, four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Gigabit ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and a SDXC slot.


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Alpine Headphones


Mostly known for their car audio products Alpine branches out into a segment dominated by Beats by Dre with their own set of bass-heavy headphones. What's unique about Alpine's pair is the ability to connect to an app via Bluetooth to change the sound profile of your headphones. They've also created what they call "Full Frequency Immersion technology" that is designed to replicate the feel of live music in your headphones.

The Alpines are powered by a set of twin drivers and amplifiers and integrated DSPs. The Level App that works alongside the headphones not only customizes the EQ, but also scans your music and sorts and organizes playlists to your liking.

$299, Alpine

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Jaguar Heritage Driving


What if you could get behind the wheel of some of Jaguar's most important cars and we're not talking about putting a PlayStation controller in your hands. Think of Jaguar Heritage Driving as listening to the deluxe set of your favorite band's greatest hits collection, only you get to be on stage jamming with the band.

Yes, Jaguar Heritage Driving is giving customers the chance to drive some of the most incredible automobiles to come out of England and the list of cars you'll be able to drive is nothing short of impressive. They've got E-Types, D-Types, and XK150s and you can even compare Jaguar's past and present with a D-Type driving experience that will also put you in the driver's seat of Jaguar's 550-hp F-Type R. Jaguar Heritage Driving is located at a private test facility in Warwickshire, England and is currently taking bookings for half hour, 60 minute, half day, and full-day driving experiences.

Jaguar Heritage Driving

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iMac with Retina 5K Display


The iPhone, the iPad, the MacBook, all of these products have had Apple's "Retina" display for some time now and there's always been a big void in that product line that has finally been filled today with the announcement of the iMac with Retina 5K Display.

This beast of a display will boast a resolution of 5120‑by‑2880 which gives you more resolution than 1080p and 4K with a little over 14 million pixels behind that 27 inch display. The standard configuration will have a 3..5GHz quad-core Core i5 processor, 8GBs of RAM, a 1TB Fusion Drive, and AMD Radeon R9 M290X graphics with 2GBs of GDDR5 RAM.

$2,499, Apple

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2014 iPads


Apple introduced their newest iPads today and the highlight of the collection is the second generation iPad Air which is even thinner and introduces an anti-reflective display for 50% less glare. They've also brought in TouchID and a whole array of internal upgrades including a new A8X processor that makes the iPad Air 2 their most powerful tablet yet.

The new iPad Air also gets an 8MP camera with burst mode, Slow-Mo video, and the latest high speed Wi-Fi technology with MIMO. The iPad mini also gets an update with its own TouchID sensor and all models get new storage options and a gold colorway.

$399-$829, Apple

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Breitling Transocean Chronograph Edition


Breitling takes it back to the late '50s with their Transocean Chronograph Edition, a new model inspired specifically by a model from 1958 created due to the increasing popularity of international air travel. The limited edition watch celebrates this history with an elegant new design with a vintage inspired dial and their in-house movement.

The dial gets decorated with a two-tone dial, vintage-style subregisters, and a unique caseback detail that opens to reveal the sapphire crystal caseback that gives you a look at the Breitling Caliber 01 movement. The watch is also matched with a mesh steel bracelet and comes with a leather or crocodile leather strap.


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Red Wing Heritage Kangatan 8180


Red Wing Heritage is releasing a new boot this month and it has quite the history, especially if you're a big fan of baseball. The Kangatan 8180 is based off of the Super Setter 888 boot, a shoe created for Sears and baseball legend Ted Williams, who spent much of his time as an outdoorsman when he wasn't busy hitting homers for the Red Sox. His name also became synonymous with quality as a brand that adorned Sears' most premium sporting goods products.

Launched in 1963, the Super Setter 888 was made of kangaroo hide and was used due to its lightweight and durable characteristics and at the time was considered the best boot the company could produce. Today the 8180 honors that style with the same iconic green colorway which is crafted from Portage cowhide leather and will also be released alongside special edition baseballs that are made from the same leather.

Red Wing

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Android Lollipop


Google debuts its next generation mobile operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop. Google's biggest focus with Lollipop is consistency across all devices with a UI called Material that they say is more fluid and intuitive than ever before. You also get a deeper level of customization such as the ability to control when and how you receive notifications to battery saving features that extend the life of your device to up to 90 minutes.

Other new features include encryption that's activated right out of the box, the ability to use another Lollipop-powered phone to log into your phone to retrieve your contacts and messages if you lose your phone, and support for 64-bit devices. Lollipop will be available on the latest Nexus devices that were announced today and will also be compatible with the Nexus 4, 5, 7, and 10, and Google Play edition devices in the weeks ahead.


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Ultraolive Taped Seam Dry Bag


If you can't fathom the idea of your prized pair of Common Projects getting scuffed up in your bag then this new essential piece of kit from Ultraolive will surely be your next purchase. Waterproof fabric and taped seams will lock out anything from getting your kicks dirty and is big enough for shoe sizes up to 13 inches. It's also perfect for storing gym wear on your travels or other important goods you want to keep dry and protected on your travels.

$55, Ultraolive

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