Super Retron 5


Super Retron 5 is the video game system of your childhood dreams. Retron 5 has slots for your old SNES, NES, Genesis, Famicom games, and it even has a slot for Gameboy carts. It also has HDMI out (720p), a bundled wireless gamepad, and ports for the original SNES, NES, and Sega Genesis controllers. Sure, you could probably download the entire 8 and 16-bit Sega and Nintendo library to your iPad, but is there's just something about handling a game cartridge and the quick anticipation and immediate gratification that's brought by having it actually work right out of the gate. Or maybe we're just getting old. Available July. $99, Hyperkin

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NVIDIA Project Shield


NVIDIA extends its reach from its total and utter domination of PC gaming graphics cards to the mobile gaming market with its Project Shield handheld. Boasting a full on gaming controller with a flip-out 5'' inch multi-touch screen, Project Shield is definitely aimed at hardcore gamers who want a mobile gaming experience without the compromise. Project Shield runs off of Android Jelly Bean and is spec'd out with custom tuned bass-reflex speakers, their latest 72 GPU/Quad Core CPU Tegra 4 Chipset, 802.11n 2x2 MIMO game-speed Wi-Fi, HDMI for TV connections, and wireless access to your Steam library from any GeForce GTX powered computer. NVIDIA


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Game Stick


If you're a casual gamer and can't quite fully commit to a full on gaming console, you may want to look into the latest entrant into the market, the Game Stick. The portable console plugs right into your HDMI slot and offers a full on gaming experience and online storefront for access to a growing library of titles. The Game Stick has WiFi built-in, Bluetooth connectivity for wireless controllers (any Bluetooth compatible controller can be used), full 1080p resolution, and it operates all on the Android Jelly Bean OS. The Best part? Its just $79. Game Stick

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Pinel & Pinel PS Arcade Trunk for Neiman Marcus


If Richie Rich had a portable gaming system it wouldn't be a mere Nintendo DS or PS Vita, it would be this: The Pinel & Pinel PS Arcade Trunk. Luxury trunkmaker Pinel & Pinel has created the ultimate mobile gaming unit complete with a 55'' Sony 3D TV, a fully loaded Playstation 3 system with all the games and accessories you could ever need, arcade controls, racing seats and steering wheels, an 1800 watt sound system, and much much more. $90,000, Neiman Marcus

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Oculus Rift


The VR headset is making a comeback and hopes to be an essential component to your gaming setup if Oculus founder Palmer Lucky has his way. And with support from the who's who of the gaming industry such as John Carmack, Gabe Newell, and Cliff Bleszinski, he just might. The Oculus Rift improves upon the unimpressive headsets of yore with a much wider field of view, high resolution displays, and low-latency head tracking which all comes together to create an immersive experience that you would only find available in high end headsets costing upwards of $100,000. Oculus just launched their Kickstarter to help fund the project with a goal of $250,000 and you can bet they'll hit their goal in no time. Link

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Designed by Yves Behar, Ouya is a new Android-based gaming console backed by an elite team of former technology and gaming execs. What's most interesting is that the console ($100) has been designed from the ground up to be hacker friendly with a focus on free gaming for all and even includes a complete dev kit right out of the box. We'll take two. And fingers crossed that it doesn't turn out to be vaporware. Link

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Pinel & Pinel Arcade 80s Trunk


Pinel & Pinel add a dose of luxury to the classic arcade cabinet that's carefully constructed in your choice of calfskin leather (51 colors), shagreen, or Crocodile. The cabinet features a 1080p display and over 60 classic gaming titles like Pac-Man, 1942, and Space Invaders. It also features a 1000W+400W sound system with iPod/iPhone dock. Link / Source

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Myst for iPhone


The best selling title that spun endlessly in your PC's CD-ROM is now available for your iPhone. If you haven't played it, Myst is an immersive point and click adventure game through an island world where exploration is key to complete your way through the game's many puzzles. Link: $6

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Rearden Studios OnLive Game Service


OnLive is a new gaming service that could quite possibly shake up the whole gaming industry if it works like they say it does. The service uses a "microconsole" that streams video of the game you want to play to your television and because of the low-latency video technology they've created, the game plays in real time as if you were playing on a console or PC. If you're wondering about the game choices, they've signed up with some of the biggest players in the industry: EA, Epic, Ubisoft, Atari, and many more. The service will also be compatible with your PC or Mac through a browser plug-in that's less than a megabyte to download. Link / Source

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Guitar Hero Arcade


Just when you thought you had the ultimate Guitar Hero setup, out comes a fully features arcade version of the infamous gaming title. Guitar Hero Arcade features a 32'' LCD, eight speaker surround sound system, "industrial-strength" guitars designed specifically for this version, and it even comes with over 400 Superbright LEDs that create a lightshow while you play. The game also features over 50 songs and can be updated with new songs via the internet. Link: $7975

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