Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition

Aston Martin's monochromatic trim package makes its way to their ultimate gran tourer, the Vanquish. The Carbon Edition will be available in "Carbon Black" and "Carbon White" and will come in both the hard-top and convertible.

Both models are dripping in black trim. From the black side window surrounds to the black wheels and the black headlight "eyebrows", the Carbon Edition is a menacing package for those want the perfect finishing touch to the Vanquish's aggressive lines.

Aston Martin

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Zagato Aston Martin Virage Shooting Brake


Don't call coachbuilding a dead art. Zagato keeps chugging along with beautiful new designs and their latest collaboration with Aston Marin has produced a beautiful shooting brake that comes right on time for the company's 95th anniversary.

The Aston Martin Virage Shooting Brake is a one-off produced for a client looking for a collectible modern car. The car takes after the designs of the Volante and V8 Vantage models of the 1980s and is a nod to the Astons of which many were customized into shooting break designs during the '60s and '70s.



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McLaren P1 GTR


Now this, this is bedroom poster material. McLaren has just unveiled the P1 GTR, their most extreme interpretation of what the ultimate McLaren should be. The car is the first time McLaren has used the GTR designation since the 1995 when the McLaren F1 GTR won the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Available only to McLaren P1 owners, the GTR will begin production once the 375th and final P1 is built which is expected to happen in 2015. The engine will put out 986 horsepower and features an F1-derived rear wing and rear mirrors that have been moved to the A pillar to help reduce drag and get it closer to the driver's eye line. The monster pipes in the back are made of titanium and the car sits at a fixed ride height on a race-prepped suspension with Pirelli PZERO racing tires and alloy wheels. McLaren's Special Operations team will maintain the vehicles and customers will be able to take part in worldwide driving events on some of racing's most famous courses.


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Lamborghini Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo


This is the Lamborghini Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo, say that ten times fast. This hopped up, track-ready monster is based on the recently unveiled Huracán and will be a GT3-spec car that will be quickly creeping up into the rearview mirrors of its rivals very very soon.

The supercar's V10 will get a little bit of a tweak bringing in a total of 611 hp and a lighter overall bodyweight with a generous use of aluminum and carbon fiber. It will also ditch the all-wheel-drive setup for a rear wheel drive system and will make its public debut this weekend at the Quail Lodge in Carmel this Saturday.


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Renovo Coupe

Look out Tesla, Northern California has a new electric car company and today they've made quite the entrance with a bombshell of an electric vehicle. Meet the retromodern Renovo Coupe.

Renovo is calling their coupe the quickest all-electric supercar on the planet and with 500 hp and a 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds, it's definitely got some pick up. Built in Silicon Valley, the limited production vehicle will pack a massive 1000 lb-ft of torque from its electric motor which is a Twin Sequential Axial Flux that is powered by three separate lithium ion batteries that can be quick charged in just 30 minutes or 5 hours for a "level 2" charge. Renovo hopes to start delivering vehicles next year in 2015.


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Les Légendes de Bugatti - ETTORE BUGATTI


The grand finale of the six car Les Légendes de Bugatti line is dedicated the most important figure in the company's history, their founder and namesake, Ettore Bugatti. As with the rest of the line, the car will be based on the roof-less Grand Vitesse that is powered by a sixteen-cylinder engine that gets the car to a top speed of 254 mph which makes it the fastest production roadster in the world.

Inspired by his Type 41 Royale from 1931, the car echoes the "yin-yang" color split with an exterior in hand-polished, clear-coated aluminum and a dark blue carbon fiber. The interior is lined with two types of leather: Traditional calf leather and natural Cordovan. Accenting the leather interior is more dark blue carbon fiber and a platinum coated dancing elephant on the rear center box which takes after the iconic hood ornament that adorned the grille of the Type 41.



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2015 Aston Martin Vanquish


It might not look any different from the previous model year, but the Vanquish has got some pretty important updates under the hood including an all new transmission and a bump in top speed that brings Aston's ultimate GT into the 200 mph club.

The new transmission is the brand new Touchtronic III eight-speed automatic gearbox which is the first time it has appeared on a transaxle layout. 0-60 time in the Vanquish is now achieved in just 3.6 seconds and improvements to the gear and final drive ratios allow the car to reach 201 mph. The car also gets brand new dampers, new lightweight 10-spoke alloy wheel designs, and new leather trim options.

Aston Martin<

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Hennessey Venom GT F5


Car builder and Veyron assassin Hennessey Performance is back with the announcement of a brand new hypercar, the Venom GT F5. This time the tuner isn't just aiming at just any set record, it plans on setting the benchmark with an aim to achieve a potential top speed of 290 mph.

Named after the the highest category of tornado power, the F5 will be powered by a 7.0L twin-turbo V8 and may produce more than 1,400 horsepower. It will also feature GPS traction control that can be set to specific race tracks around the world and the manual found in its predecessor will be switched out with a single-clutch paddle shift transmission to save weight. Hennessey hopes to begin production of the F5 in 2016 and 30 examples will be built at a price of $1.2 million dollars.

Hennessey (Via Top Gear)

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McLaren P1 GTR


Not that the P1 isn't already a racing-grade car, McLaren thought it could use a few more tweaks to make the ultimate P1 track car. At this summer's Concours in Pebble Beach, the company will unveil the concept for the most extreme, track-only version of the P1, the GTR.

What we know so far is that the car will definitely be built and will begin production in 2015 when the final 375th P1 has been built. The GTR will only be available to P1 owners and will feature enhanced aerodynamics, a wider track, slick tires, and a newly-tweaked engine that will max out at 986 horsepower. Buyers of the car will also get to drive on some of the world's most famous race tracks with a McLaren support team and you will even have access to McLaren fitness consultations and McLaren designer, Frank Stephenson.

£1.98m, McLaren

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McLaren 650S GT3


McLaren's biggest reveal at the Goodwood Festival of Speed continues their racing heritage into the future with a brand new race car, the 650S GT3. Based on the 650S, the track-ready racer features carbon fiber bodywork that gives the track-ready racer snarling, menacing lines that also aid in the car's aerodynamics.

The body features a 52mm wider track, a new set of wheels and tires, a new nose, tweaked intakes, and a fixed rear wing made from carbon fiber. Inside is a cockpit designed with driver comfort in mind with increased leg and headroom, a new racing seat, and better ventilation. Under the hood is McLaren's remarkably efficient 3.8L twin-turbo V8 which produces 493 horsepower and an upgraded ECU and a new six-speed gearbox. 15 650S GT3s will be built for the 2015 racing season and if you're lucky enough to have a team with the previous model, McLaren will offer an upgrade package to bring it up to the new spec.

£330,000, McLaren


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