Lexus LF-LC Concept


While concept cars have become a bit tamer and tamer over the years, Lexus has pushed forward with wild concepts that take bold risks in design while giving us a good idea of what's to come from Toyota's luxurious sibling. The company's signature spindle grille is in full-effect here with a striking front fascia that looks like its ripping through the space-time continuum.

The striking lines make its way through the body and down to the unique 20-inch wheel design. The 2+2 also takes the roadster idea into the modern day with a completely roof-less design and a stunning golden yellow paint that is created in a multi-layer process and really brings out the contours of the concept's exterior.



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Bentley Grand Convertible


Bentley's Grand Convertible marks a return to the big and bold drop-tops that have been a key piece in the brand's DNA for decades and decades. The two-door yacht reinterprets the styling that debuted in the Mulsanne and creates a new icon of British muscle, powered by a 530-hp V8 and a massive 811 lb-ft of torque from their 6¾-litre twin-turbo which is also from its four-door sibling.

The interior also displays a master class in leathermaking with 14 naturally tanned hides that are diamond quilted, Bentley's signature pattern, and wraps around the four-seat interior. Bentley is awaiting customer response to the car and if released, will be available in a limited run of vehicles.



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Ferrari F60 America


It will soon be Christmas morning for a number of Ferrari's most important US collectors. The Italian rocket-builder is celebrating its 60th North American anniversary with a very special car, the F60 America. Taking it back to the '50s and '60s, Ferrari is bringing back the tradition of created limited edition, build-to-order cars and we can only imagine the F60 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Only 10 will be produced and every single one has already been sold. The V12-powered roadster will feature a striking red cockpit that is wrapped in composite materials and features a black passenger side and a red driver's side which is inspired by Ferrari's vintage racing cars.


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Ferrari 458 Speciale A


There's a new horse in the Ferrari stable and it's their fastest drop-top in the company's history, meet the new 458 Speciale A. Soon to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show, the convertible will be limited to 499 examples and will boast one of their most powerful naturally aspirated V8s yet.

That V8 will get the Speciale A from 0-62 in just 3 seconds and produces 597 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. The car will feature a triple-layer yellow paint scheme with Blu Nart and Bianco Avus racing stripes and five-spoke wheels in Grigio Corsa.


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2015 Audi TT Roadster


You can't build the Audi TT without the TT Roadster. The company revealed the latest TT Roadster which will be making its debut at the upcoming Paris Auto Show. The car will come in two editions, the TT and the TTS Roadster which will broken into 5 different models that include diesel and gas powered variants with manual and S Tronic transmissions.

The soft-top is lighter than previous models and can open and close in just 10 seconds and can accomplish the task at up to 31 mph. Two engine models will be available and will deliver a power output of 184 hp at the entry level and 310 hp in its top-of-the-line trim. Inside, a whole slew of new equipment is available from an all digital dashboard powered by their partners at NVIDIA, the same graphics technology in the most powerful gaming machines, to the Audi Phone Box which docks your phone and gives you optimal voice quality with an integrated mic in the seatbelt even when the top is open.



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2016 Mazda MX-5


Mazda's KODO design language has brought a new excitement to the revered Japanese car manufacturer and we've all been waiting on pins and needles to see just how that would translate into one of the most iconic roadsters of all time, the Mazda MX-5.

Celebra ting its 25th anniversary, the fourth generation MX-5 is a stunner with aggressive and shapely lines that introduces a brand new, but very familiar face to the highly acclaimed Mazda stable. This generation also adopts their Skyactiv technology and is 100 kilograms lighter than the model it will be replacing. No performance specs have been revealed as of yet, but look for the new MX-5 to hit dealer showrooms in early 2015.



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Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster


Aston Martin has unleashed its fastest convertible to date, the V12-powered Vantage S Roadster. The topless supercar follows its hardtop sibling that debuted last year and puts down some impressive numbers you really can't ignore.

Available later this year, the V12 Vantage S Roadster will be powered by their AM28 6.0-litre V12 which produces 565 hp and will help take the car from 0-60 in an incredible 3.9 seconds while on its way to a top speed of 201 mph. Just like the coupe model, the convertible will share in its racing pedigree with CNC machined combustion chambers, hollow camshafts, and Sportshift III transaxle. It will also get a bevy of exterior refinements with carbon fiber bits throughout and optional customization from Q by Aston Martin. Video after the jump.

Aston Martin


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Jaguar F-Type Project 7


Jaguar will be debuting a new car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and it's not another Project 7 concept, it's a full on, street legal production model.

Yes, they're building 250 examples of the Project 7 worldwide and it will be one of the fastest Jags ever. It wil be powered by a 5.0L V8 that produces 575 horsepower and take the car from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds and will hit a top speed of 186 mph. It will also feature various carbon fiber aerodynamic upgrades and a foldable cloth top. Deliveries of the Project 7 will begin in the summer of 2015.


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Caterham Kamui Kobayashi Seven 250 R


What could be better than a Caterham Seven 250 R? How about a Caterham Seven designed by their own racing driver, Kamui Kobayashi. The special edition Seven will be limited to 10 examples and is exclusive to Japan and will feature a number of performance tweaks chosen by Kobayashi including carbon fiber interior trim, carbon fiber front wing and rear protectors, and 13-inch diamond cut black wheels. Power comes from a 1.6L Ford Sigma engine gets the Seven from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds and tops out a 112 mph.


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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed Collection


Rolls-Royce lifts the curtains on a new Drophead Coupe inspired by record-breaking Bluebird K3 boat piloted by Sir Malcolm Campbell. The Drophead Coupe Waterspeed is finished in Maggiore Blue, a paint scheme based on the color of Campbell's K3. The blue theme doesn't end there as the company has gone as far as to bring the exterior finish to the V12 engine which shines in the same Maggiore Blue, the first time a Rolls Royce engine has been painted to match the exterior.



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