Apple Carplay


"iOS in the Car" becomes a little more official today with the announcement of Carplay. This year Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Volvo will be the initial launch partners which will allow their infotainment systems to seamlessly integrate your iPhone and give you handsfree access to your maps, music, messages, phone calls, and more using Siri and your car's controls.


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Stutterheim Estate Svart


Swedish companies Stutterheim and Volvo are joining together at this year's Geneva Auto Show to introduce the world to the automaker's latest design, the Concept Estate. The rainwear label created a custom, high-quality rubberized cotton cover to keep the car safe from the elements. It's also not just a one-off, Stutterheim will be making these covers for any car, made to order.


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Pebble Watches for Mercedes Benz


The Pebble smartwatch just got a little bit smarter with a new partnership with Mercedes-Benz. The collaboration will enable Mercedes owners to view their fuel level, see whether your doors are locked or unlocked, vehicle location, and even alerts you to imminent road hazards, traffic, and construction by vibrating the watch. You will also be able to activate Siri on your iPhone and navigate your music and media.


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Baxter of California x retaW Galactic Cedar Car Tag


Leave it to scent and grooming experts at Baxter of California to take the car freshener to the next level. The next next level. This isn't a simple sandalwood blend or your conventional citrus scent. Baxter is going supernova-grade with Galactic Cedar. A car tag developed with Japan's retaW that delivers a scent of cedar, amber, and oak-moss.

$16, Baxter of California

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retaW Car Liquid


Here's your latest glovebox essential, retaW's new Car Liquid. Their "Car Liquid" is the brand's first car spray which comes in Natural Mystic Spiced which is a mix of blended vanilla and patchouli and Allen Spiced who's scent is derived from lilies. Available at retaW dealers on June 6th. retaW

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Ruby x Alpine Helmet


Les Ateliers Ruby debuts their special release commemorating the Renault A110/50 which is a replica of the helmet used in the car by former Renault rally driver Jean Ragnotti. Only eight editions will be available and will include a book about the concept signed by Renault designer Laurens van den Acker and Ruby founder Jerome Coste. Ruby is also announcing a cool little design object that miniaturizes their recently released Castel helmets. Look for the Ruby x Alpine helmet at the Ateliers Renault store on the Champs Elysées and the mini Castel at the Ateliers Renault store and Colette. L'Atelier Renault

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Keyport Slide V.01


You may have remembered a little startup called Keyport that garnered quite a bit of buzz over its slick key organizer gadget. Well, after a long wait it looks the company has come out of the vaporware stage and is shipping the "V.01" ($79) which is slightly redesigned and currently is offered in your choice of silver or gunmetal. Link

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Victorinox Special Edition Airstream


Victorinox is going all out with their 125th anniversary and they're not just celebrating it with a commemorative knife, they're releasing their own special edition Airstream. Victorinox's Airstream is outfitted with a customized interior and a selection of Swiss Army products. Image of the interior after the jump. Link


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Alpine iXA-W404 Digital Media Station


Alpine's got the perfect setup for drivers looking for the ideal car deck for their iPod or iPhone. The iXA-W404 lets you access and navigation all of the music and videos on your iPod/iPhone though the units easy to use touch screen interface. You can also add an HD Radio module that lets you tag songs on the radio and stores that info on your iPod which you can preview and purchase the songs you tagged when you're synced to iTunes. The system also has expansion features that include Bluetooth connectivity, Satellite Radio, and GPS Navigation. Link: $550

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Cobra XRS 9960G


Cobra's XRS 9960G is there smartest and most accurate radar detector yet, capable of detecting the 15 bands of the latest Radar and Laser guns on the road today. It also includes a GPS locator which alerts the driver to speed and red light cameras using Cobra's very own database and can also be removed and plugged into any USB port to get the latest location information. Other features include an integrated 1.5'' OLED display, Strobe and Safety Alert which warns of approaching emergency vehicles, and IntelliMute which reads the car's speed and silences the system to reduce false alerts. Link: $390

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