Verso Skincare


Sure, it's probably not the fountain of youth, but a skincare line that is designed from the ground up to keep you looking young is certainly an option to consider.

Verso's Retinol 8-based line is designed to emulate the way youthful skin acts, accelerating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid helping to make sure your skin can potentially look 21 when you're 41. We're looking at you, Pharrell.


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Saturdays Jay Suede


Just because it's fall you don't need to give up your deck shoes just yet. Saturdays has the perfect pair for fall and it could very well become your new favorite sneaker.

The style takes the classic deck shoe design and upgrades it with a perfect 100% suede upper that will be an ideal option when you want something a little more fall-friendly while still keeping that laid back styling that you miss about your favorite beachside sneaks.

$125, Saturdays

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theory11 Tycoon Playing Cards


theory11 playing cards are definitely something you would categorize as luxurious, but these new Tycoon decks are luxurious in the truest sense of the word. The company was commissioned to create a deck that was worthy of being placed at the iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel.

The set was designed with the help of "The Millionaire's Magician", Steve Cohen, who oversaw the creation of the red and ming blue decks. The deck features court cards licensed from Fournier in Villareal de Àlava, Spain, and are made in the USA using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates.

$6.95, theory11


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Hasami Reed Diffuser for Hobo


Known for their immaculate porcelain homeware, Hasami brings its goods to Japanese fashion brand Hobo to collaborate on an object that won't just look beautiful in your home, but will make it smell pretty damn incredible too.

The diffuser is handcrafted in Japan and wrapped with a decorative, geometric pattern. The scent from Hobo is a organic ginger and herb mix distributed through wallwood aromatic reeds.


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Maharishi x Senz Umbrella


You probably shouldn't be outside if the outside conditions involve 70 mph winds, but it's always good to know your gear can withstand the worst when it hits. The ambitious engineers at Senz have developed an umbrella that's rated to withstand just that and they've teamed up with Maharishi to take advantage of one of their great patterns.

Using their innovative, storm-proof design Maharishi threw their DPM: Dazzle pattern over and under the canopy and the unique, angular design of the umbrella really makes for a perfect combo with the geometric lines.

$88, Maharishi

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Reigning Champ FW14 Side Zipper Crews and Hoodies


Like many of you, we simply can't get enough of Reigning Champ's basics. Season after season the Vancouver label refreshes their much sought-after hoodies and crewnecks and we continue to stock up with each collection.

For FW14 they've taken their premium heavyweight crewneck and hoodies and hit it with a little side zip detail that gives the pieces a subtle, technical look. Amongst your choices is their usual heather grey, a new charcoal color, and a light blue hue called Heather Pacific.

Reigning Champ

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Stone Island Twill Overshirt F/W '14


Back this season in Stone Island's Fall line is their military-inspired Twill Overshirt. The futuristic design has a new look and is an ideal layering piece for transitional weather and cooler evenings.

This time the lightweight, shirt/jacket hybrid has a unique quilted tortoise shell design that is a slick alternative to traditional quilting patterns and is lightly padded for insulation against the cold.

$455, Haven

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Winter Session Mini Zip Bag


Bags, bags, and more bags. Ok, so maybe your girlfriend is starting to make fun of you now that your bag collection is starting to eat at her Michael Kors section of the closet, but here's another bag you might want to add to the mountain. Well, at least it's small.

Winter Session's Mini Zip Bag is perfect for all your small items, whether that's your candy stash, your watch, or all your wires and earbuds. The bags are tough and sturdy with an exterior made from 20oz waxed cotton and come in three colors.

$30, Winter Session

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New Nintendo 3DS


If you've ever picked up a Nintendo 3DS, you know exactly why your little brother is glued to the damn thing 24 hours a day. Nintendo has got a new one coming and they're calling it the "New" Nintendo 3DS. We're not sure about the name, but hey, the gamers in us can't ignore anything new from Nintendo.

Launching in Japan this October, the new handhelds will feature a revised C-stick and shoulder buttons, larger screens in both model sizes, and a new and improved 3D screen that detects your eye position so the 3D effect never distorts no matter what your viewing angle is.


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Rapha Cyclocross Jersey


You don't have to be a hardcore cyclist to love what Rapha is doing. Their keen eye for design has made the brand a favorite amongst many, both in the cycling realm and on the street.

Their new off-road inspired Cyclocross Jersey is another home run of a collection with bright, vibrant colors and those great graphic treatments that the brand has become known for. Our favorite piece is the Cyclocross Jersey which wraps their technical jersey with a striking take of an argyle pattern on top of their signature pink colorway.

$120, Rapha

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